Gifts For Employees Gift Guide

Gifts For Employees Gift Guide

Why bother with gifts for employees?

Gifting employees help them feel valued, respected and appreciated. When they feel this way, it helps foster productivity, increase employee satisfaction, company loyalty and employee engagement.

A happy employee is a more likely to stay with the company, lowering hiring costs, improving brand sentiment and decreasing turnover.

Employee gifting can also be tax deductible for you as the company. Your Accounts Department can fill you on the tax rules for your country.

We’ve answered the questions we commonly receive from corporate clients in the hope of making your experience working with us as smooth as possible.

Wondering what are good gifts for employees and what gifts employees actually want?  

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What are the best employee appreciation gifts?

If you want to show appreciation to your employees, try to make the gift personal to what they like.

To facilitate this, we can set up a custom gifting portal, exclusive to your company.

employee gifting solution

Using this portal, you can create a gift that matches the likes and dislikes of your individual staff members.

Got an employee that loves the outdoors and wellness? Gift accordingly.

Or perhaps another person on the same team loves arts and crafts. Use the gifting portal to create a gift box full of items they can use in their downtime.

Don’t underestimate the power of a handwritten note!

All our gifts are sent with a personalised, handwritten card and the simple act of having a note – addressed to an individual staff member – helps employees feel seen, respected and appreciated.

What are some gift ideas for employees on a budget?

Employee gifting doesn’t have to be expensive.

Thoughtful items like snacks, stationery and self-care are small tokens that make a grand gesture.

Show me some small gift ideas for employees.

If you’re after small gift ideas for employees, consider creating your own gift.

Shop our curated selection and create your own your own small gift.

Choose flatter items such as sheet masks, books, stationery and chocolate bars.

What are some gifts for employees working from home?

When working from home it can be hard to separate the professional from the personal which is where gifts that help them create a space away from work are appreciated.

Think wellness, self-care and food.

Alternatively, create gifts that recognise their new routine, especially if they are hybrid working.

A few tastefully branded items such as a notebook or travel mug with candles, snacks and tea/coffee help make the gift feel personal.

A word on branding!

If you don’t want your gifts to end up languishing in their kitchen drawer, keep branded corporate gifts tasteful and to a minimum. Your logo on two or three items is usually enough.

What are the best corporate gifts for employees? 

Before you start gifting, ask yourself: ‘How do I want the person to feel when they open this?’

Welcomed to the company as a new hire? Try a branded coffee/tea mug, a branded notebook, stationery, snacks and something for their commute (hand sanitiser or a no-touch tool).

Hosting a virtual or hybrid event? Gift around the theme. If it’s a wellness event, include healthy treats and self care items.

Perhaps you’re hosting an awards show? Send items for a virtual photo booth with sweet treats, an alcoholic drink and a note from you as the host on how to use the items in the box.

I need some last minute gifts for employees!

Gifting emergencies are absolutely a thing!

If you need less than ten gifts, your best bet is to create your own gift box using our ‘Build A Box’ platform.

We have food, tech, self care and stationery gifts which will work perfectly in an employee gift box.

If you need more than ten gifts, please get in touch now and we’ll work with you to get your gifts dispatched as soon as is humanly possible!

How much should you spend on gifts for employees?

As a rough guide, corporate gifting tends to start at £40 per gift (excl. VAT and shipping) and goes up to £300 and above.

We can work with you to set a realistic budget that meets your gifting goals.

Can you help me with personalized gifts for employees?

We certainly can. There are very few things that can’t be branded and we’ve added logos and messages on everything from wine glasses to cheese boards to tech items.

Get it touch to talk personalisation.

What should I send as work anniversary gifts?

A work anniversary gift should be personal to that employee, and this is where having your own custom gifting portal helps.

Speak to that employee’s manager or team to find out what they like (and don’t like) and gift accordingly.

A book around their hobbies, sweet treats and a personalised note from their boss or team members help them feel their years of service are valued.

What are some good staff Christmas gifts?

We’ve noticed two distinct themes for Christmas gifts - and this applies to employees, clients and customers alike:

  • Shareable hampers
  • Cosy nights in

Whether you’re sending a hamper to an individual employee or one for an office to share, a hamper full of food and drink (that can be shared if required) is always loved, finished and appreciated!

Alternatively, a Christmas gift centred around staying in is perfect for that time of year. Think hot chocolate, fluffy socks and holiday-centric food items.

My employees aren’t working from home anymore – show me some gift ideas for office staff.

Whether your employees are in the office full or part time, welcome them back with gifts that enhance productivity and encourage wellness.

A branded water bottle and notebook, a self care journal and pen with a few snacks is perfect for their desk.

What are the best gifts for employees who are leaving?

Can we say custom gifting portal one more time?

When you have your own personalised corporate gifting solution, it’s easy to create and despatch gifts for employees that are moving on.

As always, think about the employee’s like and dislikes and gift from there.

If you want a small number of gifts that are ready to go, check out our curated gift boxes.

Our Care Package and Thank You Gift Box make perfect leaving gifts. 

You can also create your own leaving gift using our ‘Build A Box’ platform.

Want to know more?

Whether you’re the boss or are searching on behalf on the boss, whether you need 25 gifts or 25,000, whether you’re shopping for employees, customers or clients, we are here to help.

We can work to your budget – big or small – and create gifts for employees that will be loved, used and remembered for years to come.

Contact our corporate gifting team and let us show you what we can do.