4 Thoughtful Leaving Presents For Colleagues That Are Moving On

4 Thoughtful Leaving Presents For Colleagues That Are Moving On

Saying goodbye to your favourite co-worker can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be.

The right leaving present for colleagues can leave a lasting impression if done correctly.

Whether your favourite co-worker is moving up the corporate ladder, relocating to a new city, or has decided to pursue higher education; showing that you wish them well has never been a bad gesture.

In fact, gift-giving has been known to say all the right words even when you’re unable to express them verbally. 

Doubly so if you’re not one for making a scene or find it hard displaying your emotions.

So how do you go about showing you care?

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Here are a few ways in which leaving presents for colleagues can be a painless experience, all while showing them that you care and wish them well along their journey:

Leaving Presents For Colleagues That Are Moving To Another Department

We get it. Separations are hard.

It can be gut-wrenching when you find out that your favourite crew member is moving over to another department.

And you’re already missing sneaking off during lunch hour to gossip over Pret sandwiches.

Or maybe those one-off jokes that only they seemed to understand are now going to be cute emails with funny emojis that you hope doesn’t get flagged as spam by the IT filters.

Either way, you’ll miss them dearly and want to show your support without being overly emotional.

An excellent solution for leaving presents for colleagues moving to another department can be items that make getting accustomed to their new setting not so awkward.

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Our hardcover blush pink Daily Planner would be a perfect gift for female co-workers, along with a brass pen, possibly engraved with their name.

If your favourite co-worker is male, then our Navy Weekly Planner would be a great option too, as it has an undated, minimalistic interior design that’s suitable for taking quick tips from seasoned colleagues in their location.

Pair it with a travel mug and watch them light up!

Both gifts signal that you’re preparing them for success while wishing them a smooth transition.

Leaving Presents For Colleagues That Are Moving To Another City

Did you learn that your company has opened another site and is shifting a few co-workers over to begin the launch?

It’s one thing to feel uncertain by swift production changes, but when selected to spearhead a brand-new facility in a different region can leave one feeling anxious on what’s about to happen next.

You can help assuage those fears by leaving gifts that show support and good fortune!

Items such as artificial Bonsai Trees or lucky desktop fountains can be keepsakes left on their desk to remind them of wealth and abundance.

If they’re going to be on the go, a nice keychain with an abundance quote engrained can keep them hopeful during the trying times.

Think about gifting items they can enjoy en-route if you are leaving presents for colleagues that are traveling as a group to the new city. It’ll make their plane ride considerably more fun and encourage them to stay close as a team.

Leaving Presents For Colleagues That Have Been Let Go

Sometimes, business decisions are made, which means that a co-worker will have to depart.

This can be challenging for both the co-worker and the rest of the team to experience.

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Yet showing concern and wishing them well doesn’t have to add an extra layer of awkwardness to an already uncomfortable situation

If you know that your co-worker was the master at keeping the office supplies well-stocked, then a heartfelt message written on a notepad set or pencil holder can bring them comfort.Or, if you know that your teammate made sure that everyone got a good laugh, then gifting them a personalised microphone and card with the team signatures could mean all the world to them. 

Employee terminations are complex - there’s no way around it. However, you can cut through the intensity by showing effort that you care.

Leaving Presents For Colleagues That Are Having Health Concerns

Alas, leaving presents for colleagues going through difficult health journeys can be a touchy and sensitive subject. 

On the one hand, there’s the uncertainty of the results of treatment. This may make you feel uneasy in sending a gift as the message may not come across as intended.

On the other hand, known facts about the health journey may leave you at a loss for words. In this way, you may feel highly uncomfortable showing comfort and support as you still haven’t fully processed what’s happening.

Showing support for those experiencing health problems can be tricky, but you want to do more than send a bouquet of flowers and a company card.

If you knew the colleague well, a good sympathy gift will let them know they may be out of sight but they’re certainly not out of mind.

Our Care Package gift box signals care, attention and relaxation.

Alternatively, create your own gift box with pampering items to encourage self-care.

Whether they’re moving on or upward, leaving presents for colleagues going through transitions can be an exciting journey within itself.

Take from the ideas mentioned above, put your spin on it, and make your gift one of the ones they’ll remember for a lifetime.  

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