Top 6 Employee Gifts That Will Get Your Staff Motivated

Top 6 Employee Gifts That Will Get Your Staff Motivated

If your staff have been lagging in the creativity department, here are six of the best employee gifts that’ll get them feeling motivated and inspired again.

Your staff are the troops, and you are the sergeant.

That’s a very basic way of saying that your team is following in your footsteps.

So, if you’ve noticed that productivity has been lagging or that your best employees have fallen short of delivering awe-inspiring ideas, then maybe a quick spurt of acknowledging achievements might give them the juice to rev up their engines again.

Employee Gifts That Make Your Staff Feel A Sense Of Certainty

It’s a no-brainer that people want to feel sure of their position and their wages.

Yet, with so much change in technology advancements and freelance opportunities, traditional working styles are becoming a thing of the past.

Employees want to feel confident that they won’t be the next foot out the door 

And although you cannot guarantee a 100% sure answer, you can give them a dose of encouragement that you appreciate all they have done thus far.

Lift staff morale with our custom Thank You Gift Box. Perfect for overall acknowledgment and relieving stress.

Say thanks in style with our sleek and sophisticated Thank You gift box.

Whether that’s a corporate gift to say thanks for all your hard work as you enter retirement or a leaving gift for a special employee or colleague, expressing gratitude never looked so good.

All of our gift boxes come with a luxury keepsake box and handwritten card. This way, you can add a personal message to each box that you gift.

Another honourable mention is our Mindfulness Gift Box, which includes a Wellbeing Journal and pen set along with an Organic Chocolate Bar to help calm down those racing thoughts.  

Employee Gifts That Make Your Staff Feel Significant

A lack of motivation can also stem from feeling like contributions are no longer needed.

And we get that.

More and more, we see how AI and robots are being programmed to take over standard company processes, leaving staff to believe that maybe what they do is not all that significant.


Show your team that their contributions are not only well-received but beneficial by gifting a box that contains the award-winning Lexon black Bluetooth Speaker.


The black Bluetooth Speaker comes with a hands-free micro and selfie remote that lets them know that the power is still in their hands no matter how advanced robots get.

Definitely a great way to make your staff feel empowered and a fun way to engage in company humour! Stream your favourite playlists and duel off to a line-by-line sing-a-long challenge.

Employee Gifts That Make Your Staff Feel Empowered

Do you have staff members who are getting antsy in their current roles and are looking to switch it up and use their other skillsets. 

Give them their chance to shine and prove themselves in a more leader-focused role!

The challenge alone will be enough to keep them busy for hours on end, and gifting our Luxury Gift Box will let them know that you are ready to see them take on a more dominant role.

luxury gift box

Our Luxury Gift Box set comes with a collection of delightful treats such as the Ivory Silk Pillowcase and the White Jade Facial Roller (a jewel within itself).

Plus, the healing benefits of using the White Jade Gua Sha, along with the hand and body lotion, will leave anyone ready to take on the world!

It is one of our most opulent sets and will have them feeling (and smelling) like a boss.

Coming second to this would be Skincare Masks and a Rose Quartz Gua Sha.


Create a gift box containing a Daily Planner and Hot Chocolate for a customised feminine empowerment box set to gift to all of your powerful female staff members.

Employee Gifts That Make Your Staff Feel Loved & Supported

For those employees and team members who have been feeling unsupported lately (and thus have caused a drop in productivity), our Care Package Gift Box would be the perfect fit to lift their spirits.



After a weeklong use of this set, your staff members should feel revived and in good cheer to keep trekking onward in the company’s mission.

The Care Package Gift Box is the ultimate gift to give to customer support staff or anyone client-facing without much downtime to clear their thoughts.

Sending employee gifts is our most popular form of employee gifting so get in touch today and let us help you create the perfect gift for your valued staff members.