6 Heartwarming New Job Gifts For Friends Changing Career Paths

Whether going back to school or entering the world of entrepreneurship, here are six heartwarming new job gifts for friends changing career paths.

Friends - where would we be without their support?

Everyday life happens, and every day, we’re faced with making decisions that’ll make changes to our lives.

Some decisions can be as small as taking on a new route to work to cut down on sitting in traffic.

And some decisions can be as big as choosing to live a plant-based lifestyle and removing certain food groups.

Whether internally or externally, our decisions can leave us feeling empowered and uncertain.

Yet, through it all, the love and support of our friends can help move us forward through our new choices.

Career changes are no different.

If your best friend has advised you that they’ve got a promotion or have decided to completely shift gears, here are six heartfelt new job gift ideas that show you care and support their new venture.

Heartwarming New Job Gifts For Friends Entering A New Job

They did it!

Your mate has finally landed the job of their dreams! Congratulations!

Whether you cheered them on after the email was received or jumped excitedly at overhearing their phone conversation, you’re happy that they got the gig!

To show your support, think about gifting them the New Job Gift Box.

new job gift box

Perfect for simple in-office decoration or work-from-home motivation, our luxe set comes with a travel mug, personal lip balm, edible goodies, as well as an undated planner and pen set.

If you’re looking for something with more of a girly feel to it, create a custom gift box to include a Cream Ceramic travel mug, pink pen set, champagne lip balm, and a choice between our Daily and Positive activity planners.

Heartwarming Gifts For Friends Moving Into The Public Eye

Will your friend become the next Oprah, Amanpour, or Louis Theroux?

One thing’s for sure - they’ll need to keep a close eye on their skincare routine.

Our Skincare Gift Box is the perfect solution for this!

skincare gift set

Filled with goodies such as the Aloe sheet masks, oat cleansing gel, and green tea exfoliating sponge, this skincare box will feel like a compact at-home facialist for a fraction of the cost!

And speaking of at-home care, our Pamper Gift set is the epitome of luxurious comfort.

pamper gift box

 From nutrient-dense bath salts to toners and champagne wine gums, let the cares float away as your friend is whisked into an aromatic trance of peace and tranquillity.

Plus, the Pamper Gift Box set comes with a champagne cocktail kit that is long-lasting and travel-friendly! 

Heartwarming Gifts For Friends Who Care About Their Health

And speaking of the public eye, gym memberships can be one of the best heart warming gifts for friends who care about their health!

Whether you choose to gift a 3-month membership or go all out and buy for the entire year, your friends will go utterly bonkers at the thought of such a purchase.

Just think of all the perks a gym membership can provide:

  • Cardio and circuit training classes
  • Weight lifting
  • State of the art gym equipment
  • Access to nutritionists and coaches

And much more.

Plus, the bonus of aquatics classes and outside tracks will give variety to their routine and hopefully improve their physique.

Gym memberships are by far one of the best ways you can show support for their new career on all levels, and most times, you’re offered a discount if more than one person signs up. Maybe turn it into a friendly health challenge?

Heartwarming Gifts For Friends Looking For Professional Development

Some of us are born with the gift of gab, while some of us run away from every microphone we encounter.

If your friend is entering a new level in their career, then coaching certificates may be beneficial.

Training in public speaking and negotiation topics can be one of the most cherished and heartwarming gifts for friends entering the realms of management or c-suite and lets them know that you’re there- and that you’re all about their growth!

Many management firms offer programs and seminars catered toward professional development, often as frequent as bi-weekly courses.

So doing a quick google search of ‘professional development training near me’ will steer you in the right direction and allow you to pre-pay in advance.

Heartwarming Gifts For Friends Seeking Employment

Let’s say your friend is just not lucky in the workforce.

No matter how hard they try to land a good gig, someone or something decides they’re not the best fit.

This can be disheartening and leads to a never-ending search for a viable opportunity.

Bring some pep back into their step by offering to do a corporate makeover!

Makeovers can be one of the most thoughtful and heartwarming gifts for friends who have difficulty seeking employment. In fact, makeovers have an 80 to 90 percent success rate in improving image confidence and body positivity.

Plus, with a newfound confidence in their haircut or sets of clothes, your friend may be able to attract that dream job finally and secure the offer that they’ve always wanted.

Be that friend that brings them back to life by offering a gift card to the trendiest salon or barber in town and get them proper 

Or be that friend that gifts them a new suit or dress set that makes them stand out and separates them from the rest of the competition.

It’s all about perception, and perception leads to offers.

There’s no doubt that some of the most heartwarming gifts for friends changing career paths can be love and acts of kindness, so take from the ideas above and show your friend that you’re with them on their journey towards self-improvement!

Send a gift box today or contact our corporate team to discuss gifts of ten or more.