How To Create The Perfect Gift Boxes For Her

How To Create The Perfect Gift Boxes For Her

We send out a lot of gifts, so we know a thing or two about gift boxes for her. 

At popular request, we've complied a guide to the dos and don'ts of putting together a thoughtful gift box for her.

Gift Boxes For Her Pre-Teen Years

The pre-teen years can be an absolute joy or the complete opposite, depending on how you approach it.

And with so much going on hormone-wise, it's best to be the grounded force that she's going to need.

If you want to present your pre-teen with a custom made gift box, consider pinning down what she likes first and start there.

For example, if she's into sports, gifting her with athletic gear or new shoes will make her day. Add in our Rose Oil Bath Soak for her to use on days when PE was particularly rough.


rose bath soak

If you've caught her watching makeup tutorials or sneaking chances to try on mum's blush, consider adding our blush and rose gold Compact Mirror into her gift box and watch as she takes it with her wherever she goes.

compact mirror

If she likes art and crafts, our Gradient Puzzle and It’s great To Create Activity Book with some chocolate and stationery make a gift she’ll use for a long time to come.

gift box for teens

Gift Boxes For Her Teenage Years

Bring on the years of self-discovery!

With so many changes happening during this time, it's a period of exploring what you like and don't like about yourself and things around you. And ultimately, who you want to be.

Around the age of 12, young ladies begin to embark on their transition into womanhood. And these are sometimes the most brutal years for parents in this regard.

She's opinionated; she's smart and somewhat feisty, so showing her that you are an ally instead of an adversary will smooth over any rough patches you're sure to encounter.

She's learning how to make her own decisions, so why not gift her with a Breathe Out Wellbeing Journal from mental health charity Mind?

A cute, compact note-taker, your teenager can take her time answering the self-discovery questions found within that'll help her navigate through her shifting emotions.

And don't be afraid to make it a bonding tool by gifting yourself Mind Notes Wellbeing Journal.

It's a 6-month journal, so planning an outing or a weekly roundtable to sit down and discuss your thoughts will become a great bonding tool that'll create unforgettable memories!

Gift Boxes For Her College Acceptance

She did it!

Your little girl is off to college soon. What an accomplishment!

And now here she is, presented with a welcoming letter of acceptance that you couldn't be prouder of 

Your young lady is about to embark on the ride of a lifetime.  So making sure that she's prepared with all the essentials is the first thing on your mind.

Beyond the usual necessities like books and bed sheets, how about gifting her with something that'll nurture her soul? 

Our Organic Chamomile Tea is the perfect way to combat stressful college classes and first-time introductions.

chamomile tea

No matter if she was the high school socialite, being thousands of miles away from home with 20,000+ new faces can make even the most outspoken person clam up.

Consider pairing it with our Cream Ceramic Travel Mug so that she doesn't have to worry about it going cold on her.

travel mug

And for those college events where she's sure to make a name for herself, the  Skincare Gift Box would be a great way to have her skin nice and glowy.

In this way, any photos that make it to her phone are sure to be showstoppers and cherished memories.

Lastly, let her know that no matter how far you may drift away, you'll always be by her side.

Our White Jade Gua Sha + Facial Roller is a beautiful set that'll symbolise your love for her. 

gold eye mask, face cloths, lip mask, gua sha and cleanser

For the next four years, she'll be forging ahead on her life's work, and these four gifts are a great way to let her know that you'll forever be cheering her on!

How to gift it? Present her with a gift box at the last dinner before you drop her off or discreetly put the box inside her luggage.

Be filled with warmth when you get the exciting text messages and congratulate yourself on a job well done.

Gift Boxes For Her First Big Job

There's no better feeling than seeing your child rush home because she landed her first big job!

Whether within the corporate sector the charity sector, or has started her own business, she's proud of her new title and ready to scream it from the mountain tops.

New jobs are big deals.

And she'll need an encouraging support group that will uplift her to be the very best that she can be.

Let her know that you're right there cheering her on with our Luxury Gift Box.

luxury gift box

We've filled it with our Ivory Silk Pillowcase, Eye Mask, Cinnamon scented candle, White Jade Gua Sha, and Facial Roller, perfect for wake up feeling like a thousand bucks.

Let the good times roll!

And while you're at it, toss in our Blush Pink Daily Planner to give her someplace to jot down those important notes when phones are not allowed.

She'll know that you've been listening to her daily new hire rants and will be glad to be presented with it.

How to gift it? Best as a congratulatory present to give after her first day of work.

It'll be a nice touch to an already hectic day, and you two can sit down at the dinner table and chat about all her first-day jitters while she shuffles through it.

Gift Boxes For Her New Home

There have been many firsts in her life that simply took her breath away.

The first time she drove a car, her first kiss, her first day of college, and her first day within her career are memorable ones.

But nothing's more liberating than obtaining the keys to your very first home.

She worked hard and she finally has a place to call all her own.

Our Pamper Gift Box would be the perfect housewarming present to congratulate her with.

Once settled in, she can soak in a nice warm bubble bath, complete with our White Forest Bath Salts and LAPCOS Milk Masks.

And if she secretly enjoys her bubbles, then our Champagne Wine Gums will be a sheer delight as she revels in her accomplishments.

And should you want to add a bit of a personal touch, pillow spray will make her new pad smell lovely and give it that homey touch.

pillow spray

They'll be plenty of time later to instil your wisdom on window panelling and sofa covers. So, for now, give the gift of relaxation for undertaking such a momentous feat.         

How to gift it? Ask the estate agent if you can leave your gift box inside the new home, so when she opens the front door, your package will be waiting to greet her with open arms! 

Start building your gift boxes for her today! And remember, all our gifts come with a handwritten card where you’re free to express just how much she means to you.