Start A Self Care Ritual With These 10 Delicate Skincare Gifts

Start A Self Care Ritual With These 10 Delicate Skincare Gifts

Nothing says good health quite like looking and feeling your best! Here are 10 of our best skincare gift ideas to help kick off your new daily routine.

Beautiful skin is always in!

There’s no better feeling than your fresh and dewy glow so if you haven’t felt like this in quite some time, then here’s your chance to gift someone a new skincare routine.

Focused on the basic facial, we’ve added in 10 of our best skin care products that’ll help liven her up and get you back to looking her best!

Step 1: Sanitise

This goes without saying, but after cleansing your hands, you always want to sanitise before playing with your face.

Our Organic Hand Sanitise is the best for this, as it is 70% alcohol, which is enough to kill off any bacteria holding on for dear life!

Step 2: Exfoliate

Slough off all dead skin from forehead to chin - including the lip area. Our Gummy Bear Lip Scrub uses fine sugar, Vitamin C, and agave nectar to leave lips feeling soft and shining bright.

Step 3: Cleanse Your Face

Gift our Lavender Vegan Soap so she can lather up her skin with soothing lavender essential oils and feel the weight of the world fall off the back of her shoulders. Tell her to rub in gently and pat dry after she rinses.

Step 4:  Steam

Now she may not have the big machine that most spas utilise, but the Organic Herbal Facial Steam along with hot water and a ceramic bowl will work just fine in getting those pores wide open.

facial steam

The Slow North Herbal Facial Steam blend is heaven in a jar! With Raspberry leaf and Calendula Flowers, calming the redness that acne causes and tightening the skin has never been easier.

Step 5: Mask

Mask on! Slap on a Skincare Mask lie back, and relax! 

Step 6: Toner

Bring skin back down to earth with the Rose Water Toner from New York brand Soprano Labs. A lightweight mist that is compact and travel-friendly, spritz all over the skin and gently massage into the T-zones.

rose water toner

It’s alcohol-free, so there’s no need to worry about fresh skin drying out anytime soon.

Tell her to use before, during, and after work to keep things fresh and looking her best.

Step 7: Night Cream

She’ll want to protect all her hard work, and an Organic Skin Balm is the best way to do it. Packed with Vitamin A, E, B1, and B6, this Calendula enriched balm protects skin from everyday wear and tear.

Apply a layer at night right before bed and before heading out the door and see a noticeable difference in tone in texture within a matter of days!

Step 8: Log

The fun part about starting new routines is journaling your progress and watching how far you’ve come.

mind notes journal

Our Mind Notes Well Being Journal helps her keep track of every detail of her new goddess routine.

It’s a 6-month daily gratitude journal filled with colouring pages and questions to focus on things she’s grateful to have in her life (like healthy skin)!

Think of it as a way to practice self-care and relax her mind 

Step 9: Rest

There’s no denying the importance of a good night’s rest on productivity and health. So, after going through all the steps of pampering your skin, grab our Pink Silk Eye Mask + Silk Pillowcase and call it a night!

silk pillowcase

Soft to the touch and utterly luxurious, this dynamic duo is all she’ll need to close her ears and calmly release the day.

luxury gift box
Step 10: Marvel

If she woke up wondering who’s staring back at her in the mirror, then my work here is done!

Her skin should be as plump as a new born and brighter than ever! Toss our Compact Mirror into the box and tell her to add to her bag so that when no one’s looking, she can steal a glimpse of her new you.

compact mirror

She’ll be amazed at refreshed she’ll look and feel which makes staying on the ritual that much more rewarding.

The fun part about this routine is that it’s something she can do nightly. So think of it as her after-work treat along with her favourite show and tell her to indulge herself!

Our 10 step ritual is sure to put the pep back into her step and get her back to looking and feeling her best in no time.

Create her skincare gift box today!