How To Create The Best Company Gifts Package For Employees

How To Create The Best Company Gifts Package For Employees

New employees can sometimes feel like the third wheel on an awkward blind date!

Let’s fix that with some welcoming ideas that make for the best company gifts.

Remember your first day as the new employee?

A pretty awkward experience, wasn’t it?

Not knowing how to log in to your computer, or even where the bathroom was, left you feeling like a fish straight out of water.

Plus, with all the clique-ish vibes you were getting from seasoned employees, you wondered if you’d ever find your tribe.

It’s time to put a stop to this nonsense!

Whether you work in the Human Resources Department or are simply in charge of the on-boarding process, here’s how to create the best company gifts package that’ll make new employees feel welcomed and acknowledged:

The Best Company Gifts Package Ideas For Interns

Interns are the most and yet least respected bunch out of the new hire pool.

And may I add possibly unpaid?

Prized for their accomplishments so early on in their careers, interns can take on most general tasks and complete them at the level of a mid-level veteran.

Yet, they are the most overlooked group when it comes to feeling welcomed.

Acknowledge all that your interns will do for you by offering them tools that will help them succeed!

Our daily planners and pen sets, like The Positive Planner and our Brass and Pink Pen sets, are a great way to welcome them into the fold.

Interns often feel engulfed in a sea of company policies and procedures; give them room to breathe with a personal writing set!

Or offer them one of our insulated travel mugs personalised with their name and station.

porter travel mug

It’s one of the best company gifts for interns because it’s a great way to make them feel in the loop.

Plus, the mug and notepads are good markers for locating other interns, possibly in different departments.

Perhaps creating a yearly colour change to your gifts, to differentiate between new and old interns, would work best for larger companies. Still, overall, it is the perfect way to say Welcome Aboard!

The Best Company Gift Ideas For New Staff Members

Whether a transfer from a different city or a brand-new hire to the team, the best company gifts for new staff members will include places to store their items, take notes, and have an outlet to relieve stress.

Gifting them our Care Package Gift Box or our famous Thank You Gift Box will assure them that you have their best interests at heart and want them to feel comfortable amongst their new setting.

Our Thank You Gift Box also has many items that can be used in the office and on personal time.

You could choose to create your own gift box. Add the six-month mindfulness journal to help them keep track of their progress or keep the charcoal face mask on hand for days when they need a bit of post-work treat rest, each box you create can have the perfect resources to help them feel welcomed and supported.

The Best Company Gifts Package Ideas For Management

Truth be told, management takes a lot of undercover hits for the betterment of the company.

Whether it’s by working overtime to cover important shifts or strategising a better budgeting system to make the numbers work, managers take on more than the average employee gives them credit for.

That’s why it’s important to reach out and show them that you’re happy to have them a part of the crew.

Company gifts such as gift cards or wellness packages do wonders for feeling rejuvenated and replenished!

Our Vegan Lavender Soap and Pillow Spray does an excellent job at winding down the senses and soothing the soul.

Your managers will wake up the following morning feeling refreshed and relaxed, and ready for the day that lies ahead of them.

And should your manager not be into fragrances or frilly items, our very plush Alpaca Bed Socks and Peppermint Bath Soaks are discrete luxury items that are neutral in colour but still carry a feeling of superior comfort.

The Best Company Gift Ideas For Maintenance Staff

One of the most hard-working teams around, your maintenance and cleaning staff should be factored into your company gifts packaging plan.

They often do the jobs no one wants to take on and keeps your floors and stairwells impressive to look at for corporate clients and potential investors.

Show them that you care by offering them one of our Self Care, Thinking Of You, or Luxury Gift Box items! Each custom box includes quality fragrance items, balms, and body care items that are gentle to the touch and indescribably blissful.

branded gift box surrounded by self care items

We can also set up a branded custom page on our website so you can have your very own corporate gifting management tool where your staff can order a selection of gifts direct from us.

Company gifts for employees are one of the best ways to thank your staff for their hard work. 

Get in touch today and let’s discuss your employee, customer and client gifting needs.