5 Divine Best Friend Gifts To Give Your Awesome Friend

5 Divine Best Friend Gifts To Give Your Awesome Friend

Your bestie deserves more than a generic present. Here are five fantastic best friend gifts that they'll love you even more for!

Best friends are hard to find. And this becomes laughably true the older that you get.

Good friends can bring you joy, speak wisdom over your troubles and be there for you when you need comfort and assurance.

Best friends, on the other hand, help get you out of messes that they probably helped you get into.

There’s no doubt that best friends can liven up even the most harrowing of problems, and for that, they deserve the best gifts that money can buy!

1. Best Friend Gifts To Give To The Strong & Loving Friend

If you’re looking for best friend gifts to give to that strong and loving friend, then consider the Inner Beauty Gift Box, curated especially for your dynamic right-hand pal.

The Inner Beauty Gift box includes the luxurious LAPCOS Pearl Sheet Mask, with key ingredients such as Pearl Extract for Clarifying and White Flower for conditioning the skin.

beauty gift box contents

It also has Copper Measuring Cups, and an Eat Beautiful Recipe Book so that both their inner and outer beauty shines bright!

And if you’re feeling extra splurgy, then our 24 Karat Gold Infused Eye Pads are a great add-on option as they come with enough hyaluronic acid to give dark circles a serious butt-kicking!

eye pads

2. Best Friend Gifts To Give To The Studious Friend

That studious friend.

The one who’d rather chill inside on Friday nights curled up with a good book than make horrible memories than you’ll come to regret later in life.

These friends are your smart friends - the sages of the group. So, it is only fitting that you gift them with the ultra-plush Pamper Gift Box to give that great mind a rest.


3. Best Friend Gifts To Give To Your Boss Friend

The Thinking About You Gift Box would make the ultimate gift to give to the boss friend of your group.


That is if you can ever pin them down!

You see, your boss friend is always making THE moves and rarely makes time for themselves. So why not jump the gun a bit and gift them with a set that screams, give it a rest and relax a bit!

Throw in a couple of Organic Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Bars and Alpaca Bed Socks and watch them become pure mush within a matter of minutes.

alpaca bed socks

A highly recommended gift that’s worthy of praise.

4. Best Friend Gifts To Give To The Motherly Friend

Our mothers do so much for us - no matter if they’re only a few years older (or younger) than us.

That’s right! I’m talking about that overly prepared friend out of the bunch who takes their duty as the protector and organiser way too seriously.

But you still love them.

Make sure you do your part to pour back into them by gifting them with the Pamper Gift Box that is filled with enjoyable goodies such as the Rose Water Toner and the Champagne Cocktail Kit.

One of the best friend gifts on the market today, the Pamper Gift Box, makes them feel coddled and fussed over at the same time.

Plus, enjoying the added benefits of the White Forest Bath Salts makes you feel like you’ve taken a secret spa staycation out of town in the country.

You could also create your own gift box with a couple of organic eucalyptus hand sanitisers and the Daily Planner (perfect for the organised folk), for a gift set that’ll be discussed for years to come.

5. Best Friend Gifts To Give To The Ride Or Die Friend

Do you really believe we’d leave out THAT friend?

The friend who’s there no matter weather, time, or distance.

The friend who will forever have your back through the good times and the bad.

The Ride or Die friend deserves more than the world and then some because they’re always there when you need someone the most.

And that’s why you should gift them with our five-star Luxury Gift Box set, truly fit for the rock star in your life.

Watch them indulge with our Cinnamon + Nutmeg Scented Candle and rave about the smooth White Jade Gua Sha and Facial Roller.

The set also includes a plush Ivory Silk Pillowcase and Pink and Rose Gold Mirror to slip in their bag to ensure they're looking on point at all times.  

Lastly, after using a signature plant-based Hand and Body Lotion fit for a Queen (or King), and slipping on our Pink Silk Eye Mask, they’ll feel like they’re getting the royal treatment all within the comfort of their home. 

All out gifts come with a handwritten note where you can express just how much your best friend means to you.

Let's get gifting!