Branded Corporate Gifts: Everything You Need to Know

Branded Corporate Gifts: Everything You Need to Know

Branded corporate gifts are among the best marketing tools when given out to clients and business partners.

They can also be an excellent way to make employees feel appreciated and recognised.

They’re cost-efficient and last for a long time, reminding your clients, business partners, and employees of your company’s mission and goals.

So, if you’re looking for a way to improve your corporate relationships, you’ve come to the right place.

What Are Branded Corporate Gifts?

These are gift items that feature the company’s logo or brand, and there are several options to suit every budget and taste.

Choosing from many categories allows you to find the right branded corporate gift to enhance your business image, increase brand awareness, and improve business relationships.

branded custom corporate gift

What Are the Benefits of Corporate Gifts?

Branded corporate gifts are usually given out in a professional setting. They can be given out during corporate events or sent out to clients.

Here are some of corporate gift benefits.

Build Business Relationships

A personalised yet thoughtful gift can enhance business relationships between managers and subordinates.

Gifting also improves business relationships with partners, as it can help you promote your brand or new products.

Increase Brand Awareness

You want your clients and business partners to remember your brand in a highly competitive market. A gift that carries your company’s logo or promotes your brand is crucial to increase brand awareness.

branded corproate gift box and tumbler

Promote Workplace Positivity

Lack of recognition is one of the primary reasons for employee turnover. So, giving out gifts to celebrate employees’ personal and professional milestones can help your staff feel appreciated and recognised.

Moreover, you can give out these gifts during the holiday season so employees feel they’re part of the family.

How to Choose the Best Branded Corporate Gifts?

Branded corporate gifts come in various categories, and the marketing and HR departments will have multiple choices when picking the right one.

Here are some factors to consider before choosing gifts:


Consider the number of gifts you want to give out and choose items that suit your company’s budget. The purpose of these gifts is to enhance your marketing strategy and not to add an extra burden to your expenses.

example of kitting and fulfilment - branded gift box with gucci, tom ford and loewe gifts

So, think about the overall cost of buying, wrapping, printing logos or messages, and shipping these gifts to different parties before choosing them.

Personalisation Potential

Personalising gifts shows that you care. This is why you need to spend time to guarantee that these gifts are tailored to meet the recipients' needs.

It also shows that you took time to understand what these people like and dislike.

Adding a gift card with a personalised message will be a big plus.

shopboxd gift card


Although you might be tempted to choose cheap gifts, especially if you’re giving out lots of them, you should focus on selecting high-quality ones.

Remember that these gifts carry your company’s name and represent it, so they should be well-made to last for a long time.

Relevance and Timing

You shouldn’t just think about choosing and sending any random gifts. Your gift should be relevant to your business partners, employees, and clients.

It should also be relevant to your company and its industry.

Moreover, thinking about the best time to send these gifts is crucial. Some gifts are better suited for certain occasions, and this shows that you’ve put effort and thought into choosing every item.

Corporate gift boxes for clients, customers and employees

Wrap Up

You can enhance your company’s image and improve relationships with clients and employees by giving out the perfect branded corporate gifts.

Our team is ready to answer all your questions and can provide you with personalised gifts to suit every budget and taste.

Contact our corporate team and we'll assign you an Account Manager to help you create the perfect gift package.