5 Things To Think About When Sending A Corporate Gift

Being in the corporate world, being a leader or team manager, isn’t always easy. You have so many things that you have to consider, but two things are the lifeline of any business.

These are your customers or clients, and your staff members. Without customers, your business cannot function, but it just wouldn’t work without the staff and employees to handle those customers.

Sometimes you want to show the people who matter in your business your appreciation or feel valued. A corporate gift could be the way to do it.

Who would you send a corporate gift to?

It is essential to understand who might benefit from a corporate gift. Corporate gifts for employees may be different from customer gifts. Here are some of the people in your business that you may want to reward:

  • An employee of the month
  • A valued or repeat customer
  • A client that has given you a big order
  • A staff member who has exceeded expectations
  • A team that has performed well in the month or quarter
  • A quarterly or half-yearly reward for a staff member
  • A yearly reward for hard work

It could be a reward that is earned as a team or as an individual or with customers; it might be a collection of people you want to show your appreciation for. 

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When would you want to give out corporate gifts?

The time of the year or a specific event may be ideal for giving out your corporate gifts. You might have these earned, or maybe you spontaneously want to show your appreciation to customers and staff.

Here are some of the situations when you might think it is appropriate to send out a gift:

  • Christmas
  • Birthdays
  • Team performance reviews
  • Presentation evenings or days
  • Team building sessions
  • An employee of the month
  • Quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly bonuses
  • When a target has been reached
  • As part of a promotional offer or deal
  • To reward good performance
  • As an incentive to achieve a target

What sort of corporate gift might you want to give?

Depending on who you want to send out the gifts for, whether they are specific corporate gifts, client gifts, or smaller tokens of appreciation, you might be wondering what you should give as a gift.

There might be many options you could consider, but it might be worth thinking about a more personalised and unique offering tailored to the person you are giving the gift to.

It could be a personalised box containing things such as pens, travel mugs, sticky notes, power banks, mats, coasters, bags, face masks, anything that could be business-related that they may benefit from.

You could take a different approach and have something more specific to the things they enjoy, maybe with a theme or including some food items in there. The more thought you put into it, the better received it will be.

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Corporate gifts are ideal for events, and this is where you can include a whole host of options suggested above, and it could enhance the experience that your customers or clients feel attending the event you have put on.

How might you send out a corporate gift?

Another thing to think about would be when is the ideal opportunity to give out your corporate gifts. There could be different opportunities depending on whether it is a customer or staff member.

As a manager or even a business owner, making sure your employees feel valued will be a high priority.

After all, a happy staff member means a productive staff member. So when could you gift a staff member a corporate gift?

Staff Members

 Here are some suggestions:

  • A team meeting
  • Monthly review
  • A presentation day or night
  • A team bonding day
  • Their appraisal
  • An event

Customers Or Clients

Customers and clients are another lifeline for a business; they simply cannot function without them.

So when would be the ideal opportunity to give them a gift?

Here are some suggestions:

  • When a purchase or order is completed
  • When you get repeat business
  • At an event they attend
  • Unexpected and sent directly to their address or workplace

You might also want to think about how you give them the gift and how it is presented. For example, if you are considering using an occasion for your corporate gift, think about gift wrap or make the gift appropriate for the time it is being gifted.

Why might you consider corporate gifts?

It is essential that people understand that they are appreciated or valued. For a customer, this can make them feel unique to you.

A valued customer is likely to not only come back for repeat business (if your business allows for that), but they will also discuss your business with other people who may find you valuable.

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Showing appreciation for an order or purchase will only make that customer or client feel good.

The same analogy can be said for staff members and employees. You will want them to feel valued and happy. If you have happy employees, then they are likely to continue doing their job well.

Gifts can also be a big motivator when it comes to workload. They may want to overachieve again with another gift incentive in the future. So, this could increase productivity across your business. A small gesture can go a long way.

There are many ways that you can make a client, customer, or employee feel valued or appreciated, but often your efforts may not get the response you were hoping for.

In truth, you will always want to consider unique corporate gifts that will work for the person who will be receiving them.

It shows thought, effort, and time but delivers efficiency, value, and expense. 

Everything you will want from your business. 

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