Employee Appreciation Gifts – The 2024 Guide

Employee Appreciation Gifts – The 2024 Guide

Employees have undoubtedly gone above and beyond the past couple of years – working from bedrooms, kitchens and spare rooms that they’ve turned into a makeshift home office.

Show your staff you appreciate all their hard work with a selection of employee appreciation gifts that they’ll love, use and remember.

Sending the right gift shows staff appreciation and can improve employee recognition, retention and employee engagement.

If you want to thank your employees for all their hard work but aren’t sure they best way to go about it, here are our favourite and most popular employee appreciation gift ideas:

Ten of the best employee appreciation gifts

Working From Home

Whether they’re working from home, in the corporate office or hybrid working with a bit of both, our Working From Home Gift Box helps take their work surroundings from average to awesome.

Staying Home 

We’re all spending more time indoors now so help them beautify their surroundings with a gift box full of items to help make their home look and smell fabulous.

Gift Wellness

It’s nice to show that you as the company recognise and appreciate they have a life and interests outside of work. This gender-neutral gift is an elevated way to show how much your commitment to their wellbeing and down time.

New Parents

If your employee is off on maternity/paternity leave, help them remember they're still very much a valued member of the team with a gift that celebrates the new bundle of joy. These fun and functional gender-neutral gifts help welcome the baby in style.

The Executive

Send a special message with our Executive Gift Box. Help them get the job done in style with this refined gift. The box contains products designed to make the daily grind more enjoyable.

Desk Mate

Celebrate their hustle, promotion or general awesomeness with a box of gifts that show you recognise and appreciate all their hard work.

Time Out

What do you gift the person who has everything? Try a customised gift box that prioritises the ultimate in relaxation while looking, feeling and smelling wonderful! 

Team Gift

If you want to thank your team members, send a gift they can share. Our Bright Spark gift box contains coffee, a puzzle and snacks and is perfect for group gifting.

Holiday Gifting

Giving a holiday gift doesn’t only have to mean Christmas gifts; we find gifting out of season has greater impact. Try an employee gift on World Chocolate Day or a care package during Mental Health Awareness Week as an appreciation gift when they may not be expecting it.

Food Based Gifts

If you’re working with a smaller budget, you can keep the price down by sending snacks. Keep any allergies in mind and send sweets, snacks and tea/coffee.

Personalisation is also important which is why all our gifts – whether you’re sending 100 or 1,000 - come with a free handwritten note. We take the time to perfectly (and neatly) put your thoughts on paper.

There’s also the option to create your own gift box. Shop our curated selection of corporate gifts here. Work to a colour scheme or use-case (stationery, relaxation, food) if you’re looking for gifting inspiration.

If you want to send more than ten staff appreciation gifts, please get in touch with our Corporate team to discuss budgets, quantities and timelines.

We’ve got lots of experience in sending the perfect gift and can work with your HR and/or Marketing Departments to incorporate any branded elements you’d like to include.

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Corporate gifts don’t have to be boring – think of us as extension of your team as we help you create the perfect employee gifts.

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