7 Leaving Gifts For Teachers Ideas

7 Leaving Gifts For Teachers Ideas

Leaving gifts for teachers has never been easier!

We've put together seven crafty ways to show how much you care without breaking the bank.

You can't put a price tag on great teachers.

They reassure our kids at pivotal times in their lives and also have the ability to help them on their path to greatness.

We all remember our favourite teacher even from as far back as primary school!

Teachers are the undisputed superheroes of education. And for that, we owe them everything.

When your child is moving up a year or their favourite teacher or TA is off to pastures new, here are seven delightful goodies that make leaving gifts for teachers an effortless affair.

Leaving Gifts For Teachers Who Go Above And Beyond

For the teachers who sub as your mum, favourite aunt (or uncle), your coach, your therapist, your confidant, they deserve more than just an occasional card. 

And I'm not talking about a bouquet of flowers either.

Our Inner Beauty Gift Box is the absolute best gift to give to someone who spends all of their days making others shine bright.

inner beauty gift box

The Inner Beauty Gift Box comes complete with a Rose Water Toner, LAPCOS Pearl Sheet Mask, Champagne Wine Gums, the Eat Beautiful Recipe Book, and Copper Measuring Cups.

And for those who'd like to give the gift discretely, the box includes a handwritten card in the luxury keepsake box.

It's a simple yet chic way of saying, 'It's now time to nurture your inner beauty.'

They'll cherish it forever.

Leaving Gifts For New Teachers

Nothing's more nerve-wracking than being the new kid on the block, and with 20+ students looking to you for guidance and support, nerves can go into overdrive.

New teachers have a long journey ahead of them, so why not make them feel welcome with a gift that says, 'we're happy to have you with us!'

Our New Job Gift Box is the perfect solution.

Help them seize the day and celebrate their new role with a selection of gifts sure to brighten their desk as well as their morning.

And speaking of spills, what about the overflow in paperwork? With the amount of grading and reviewing they'll have to tackle within the first few months, your new teacher will be glad to have the undated planner and pen set at the ready.

It's the classroom gift that reeks of productivity and will be a highly valued gift on their new journey.

Leaving Gifts For Teachers Who Like To Read

For the teachers who resemble walking encyclopaedias, the Grow book makes the cutest gift to add to their book collection.

Filled with helpful tips and tricks, this book is a quick reference guide to help plant owners properly love and care for their budding babies.

And should they be more into eating plants than caring for them, then our Eat Plants, Be Happy cookbook fits right up their alley!

Over 100+ vegetarian recipes grace the pages and are suited for those wanting to live a more plant-based lifestyle.

Think of each as adding to their ever-growing mental encyclopaedia.   

Leaving Gifts For Teachers Who Need A Holiday

You can spot this lot a mile away!

They're often the ones that you find constantly bouncing around. Great minds need a break!

As most teachers and TAs can only have time off in the school holidays, our candles can help bring them back into alignment.

iris candle

Perfect for lightening the air around them, the candle is a natural stress reliever and would be a great addition to a home office.

And should you feel like splashing the cash, why not toss in our Silk Eye mask!

leaving gift idea

This mask is hypoallergenic and made with 100% mulberry silk thread. Perfect for cat naps with the door locked.

The two combined can make a quick 30-minute snooze-fest feel like a return from the spa. Lovely!

Leaving Gifts For Teachers Who Like Sports

You know the PE Dept is always ready for game time.

These teachers make your kids double over with laughter!

Whether it's from watching their scoring reactions that are beyond theatrical and other times it’s from your kids’ dodging every attempt made to join in on the pregame fun, sporty teachers love their teams.

So, why not gift our Cream or Charcoal Ceramic Travel Mugs as game companions for your die-hard sports fanatics?

travel mug


Both mugs can hold up to 12 ounces of liquid and take on any hot or cold beverage with ease.

portable coffee mug

A convenient gift that is also eco-friendly (these mugs save over 600 coffee cups from landfills)!

Nothing says thank you like a well-intended gift, and these seven keepsakes make searching for the perfect gift a carefree ordeal!

Build a leaving gift for your kids’ favourite teacher today!