The 5 Amazing Gifts You Need In Your Keepsake Bridal Boxes

The 5 Amazing Gifts You Need In Your Keepsake Bridal Boxes

Keepsake boxes are a great way to store memories so if you’re looking for bridal box ideas, here are five that’ll last a lifetime.

Your wedding day is one of the most cherished days of your life.

Watching your significant other walk down the aisle.

The bridal dresses and groomsmen tuxedos.

The glistening pearls that your great-grandmother wore or the tightly pressed suit your father tried not to cry in.

Your friends and loved ones gathered about, marvelling at the glittery glow of your wedding gown and hair.

That deliciously soft first bite of cake followed up by your first slow dance as a pair. Hand in hand, your face gently resting upon their shoulder as you waltz around without a care in the world.

It was all so serene.

And if you could, you would keep all these trinkets on you – all day, every day.

Yet, we all know that it’s an impossible task. Still, you can come close to it with a keepsake box.

Keepsake boxes are the best ways to make memories stick.

bridal boxes

Photos and videos come in handy, but nothing comes close to being able to revel in the beauty of the actual wine goblets you drank out of or trailing your fingers across the beading of your dress.

Yes, keepsake boxes make for the best memory keepers and if you’re currently putting yours together, consider adding in these trinkets that caused your heart to overflow with love.

Mind Notes Well Being Journal

I've watched The Notebook too many times not to add a journal into a keepsake bridal box.

Most brides plan their wedding months - even years- before the big day. So why not keep an accurate log of everything that went down before, during, and after the day.

bridal journal

The Mind Notes Well Being Journal is a 6-month logbook with questions catered towards mindfulness and your feelings. It’ll be great to look back on it one day with your kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids and relive the day just as if it happened recently. 

Pink Silk Eye Mask

The big day doesn’t come without the beauty rest of the night before. And should you have spent that time with your bridesmaids, then have them sign off on this delicate eye mask as an artistic souvenir.

silk eye mask

Made from 100% vintage pink mulberry silk, have each bridesmaid take turns writing their name or a cute note and place it at the front corner of your keepsake box for easy viewing.

Green + Yellow Gradient Puzzle

This is a fun trinket that can easily sub as a bridal shower game.

gradient puzzle

Here, every bridesmaid or hen party attendee can join in and add a fun date night idea or activity for you and your significant other to try at different stages of your marriage.

After the wedding is over, put it together, gel it in place and use it as a backdrop for your keepsake box.

It’ll add a personal touch to an otherwise clear backing- and is a great way to keep pulling out the box and relishing in the big day.

The Green + Yellow Gradient Puzzle is a lovely way to connect and stay connected with all those who wish blessings and wisdom upon your marriage.

Lavender Candle

It is said that Lavender brings good luck. Who said it first? I have no earthly idea. However, I do know that a whiff of lavender can calm even the most hectic of minds.

So, for days when you’re trying to centre yourself (or remember why you took your vows in the first place), our Lavender + Mint Candle is the perfect reflector.

Because of its small size (6 fl oz), it’s easy to place in front of your wedding picture; almost as a sage protector.

Infused with both lavender and peppermint oils, it’ll give the box a scent of minty freshness that, once opened, will have all those big day memories rushing back in an instant.

Also, the wick is made from all-natural cotton, so if you ever decide to open the capsule and sort through your things, you can light it with ease.

A special symbol of love and devotion for such a special time in life.

Pink Alpaca Bed Socks

Another hen party keepsake to hold onto for life.

If you have gifted these bed socks in your bridesmaid gift bags, consider keeping your own and having everyone sign them.

pink alpaca socks

Whether it’s their name, or how you met your bridesmaid or a word of wisdom they’d like to offer as a new bride, these Alpaca Bed Socks would make a beautiful addition to your keepsake box and be a treasured trinket for generations to come.

The socks are made of 90% Alpaca material and fit shoe sizes 4 to 8. They’re mid-calf-to-knee-length socks, giving you plenty of room to scribble away.

Your wedding is a memory of a lifetime, and a keepsake bridal box is an ultimate way to indulge those nostalgic feelings.

Comfort your senses by including these five simplistic bridal pieces and look back on them for generations to come.

Build your bridal box today!