How To Create The Perfect Hug In A Box

How To Create The Perfect Hug In A Box

Want to send gifts to cheer someone up? Try a hug in a box care package!

A hug in a box gift can be sent for a variety of reasons:

You can choose to send your ‘hugs’ in a Gift Box or as a Letterbox Gift – both of which have free express UK delivery.

If you need cheering up, why not send a hug in a box gift to yourself!

hug in a box ideas

We send out thousands of gifts a year and these are our favourite - and most popular - hug in a box gifts:


Chocolate has universal appeal and with good reason! 

Thanks to the antioxidants in dark chocolate, a bar can help lower blood pressure.

hug in a box chocolate gifts

Plus it tastes great!

Whether your loved one prefers milk, dark, vegan or packed with nuts, we've got bars to choose from. 


Candles are a form of mental health therapy and can help calm the mind, improve focus and support a good night's sleep.

hug in a box candles

Add supporting accessories such as candle snuffers and safety matches. 


Soft, warm and fluffy, they'll love a pair of alpaca bed socks.

Hot Chocolate

The Chocolatier's drinking chocolate contains fluffy vegan marshmallows which float on the surface of this rich, decadent drink.


Every hot drink deserves a biscuit, right?

Portable Mug

A portable mug carries hot drinks around the house and can be used on the commute too.

portable mug

A Journal

Writing their thoughts and feelings in a journal helps them sort through events, and can alleviate anxiety, depression and stress.


Looking good helps you feel good and a little self care in the form of skincare is a great way to send that virtual hug.

skincare gifts

Self Care Gift Box

Our Self Care Gift Box encourages taking time out to stay calm, pamper yourself, check in on your mental health, feel good and practice some self love.

 Silk Accessories 

For a luxurious hug, gift a silk pillowcase, scrunchies and eye and face mask for the ultimate tactile feel good experience.

silk pillowcase, eye mask and hair accessories

Remember, all our gifts come with a handwritten card and free express UK delivery.

Send your hug in a box gift now!