How To Curate The Perfect Work From Home Gifts

How To Curate The Perfect Work From Home Gifts

2020 saw a major shift in where we work, with mini offices being set up in kitchens, bedrooms and spare rooms across the globe.

Many of us will continue with remote working so if you’re looking to send work from home gifts for employees, customers, clients or co-workers, we have some gift guide ideas:

  1. Get Up + Dress Up

When working from home it’s important to get out of bed and, if possible, work from the room they don’t sleep in. Encourage your employees to get up and get dressed by sending a coffee themed gift.

  1. Send A Care Package

We find experience gifts best so send items your staff or clients will actually use. Think stationery, a wireless charger, Bluetooth speaker and desk accessories. You could also send self-care items like bath salts and face masks to encourage a soothing wind down after work.

ideas for employee gift

If you need a large number of gifts, please contact our corporate gifting team and we’ll work with you to curate your gifts and manage sending them wherever and whenever in the world you need them to be.

  1. Boost Morale

Encourage creativity outside of work hours by sending cookbooks, baking kits and the wild and wonderful book from doodle artist and illustrator Jon Burgerman.

Packed with prompts for 101 unexpected art projects, It’s Great to Create offers wannabe artists - of all ages - loads of fun ways to get inspired and kick-start the creative process.

Why not set up a zoom call for a virtual baking, cooking or art session?

  1. Gift Mindfulness

Many have been forced to work from home and for some, it’s not their ideal location. Encourage them to pause and journal this time, especially if they have children at home. Take it from us, working from home plus kids equals major stress! 

  1. Sweet Treats

Let’s be honest, sweet treats and snacks are always welcomed so make sure you add chocolate, biscuits, popcorn and/or sweets to your gift box.

  1. Stationery

Kick it old school and screen-free with pens, notebooks, journals and pencils that can be used at work and play.

stationery gifts

  1. The Work From Home Gift Box

Corporate gifting is our speciality and we created the Work From Home Box as a template to show just one of the many options that corporate gifting can include.

You can send this as an employee appreciation care package so whether they are working at home or you need to send a client gift, this gift box is a stylish way to elevate their home office.

  1. Keep It Personal

When sending work from home gifts on behalf of a company or brand, remember to keep it personal. If you have an employee or client going on maternity leave, try the New Parents or Baby Shower Gift Box.

You can also send memorable corporate gifts to help an employee celebrate a milestone or as a way to thank them for their service before they retire. Curate gifts based on their personality, what you know about them and include small, personal details to leave a big and lasting impact.

We offer corporate clients a free gifting suite service where you provide us with employee/client notable dates (anniversaries, birthdays, sales targets) and we send out the gifts, handwritten cards and any company marketing material on your behalf.

It’s stress-free for you, as you never have to worry about missing an important date again.

  1. New Hire Gifts

If you’re sending work from home gifts for someone who’s starting a new job, gift items to help them start in style. Work and coffee go hand in hand so think travel mugs, small-batch coffee beans, a coffee clip and a notebook.

We love to add a candle to these gift boxes for a small and welcome touch of wellness.

  1. Add Branding

Adding your company or personal brand to your gift box and/or its contents is a powerful way to engage with the gift recipient and our goal is to keep things tasteful, elevated and beautiful. You don’t want to waste money on corporate branded gifts that are never going to be used or immediately put into the kitchen draw of obscurity!

There’s little point branding items that are only ever going to be used in the gym or worn in bed. Any work from home gifts should include some kind of experience so consider the overall message you’re trying to convey with this gift.

branded gift boxes

Relax? Inspire? Thank? Celebrate? Once you have that theme nailed down, tastefully consider one or two items to brand. You want your recipient to remember how the gift made them feel, not how many branded items it contained. 

We advise branding items that are functional and permanent. Spend your marketing budget branding something they will keep – leather goods, an apron, a notebook – rather than on disposable items like chocolate wrappers.

Items that are used regularly, especially in the home, can be powerful marketing tools.

A pocket-friendly way to add branding is to think outside the box. Add belly bands, logo tags, branded ribbon/stickers and marketing inserts to incorporate your brand into the gift in a way that feels modern and cohesive.

Create a gift box containing work from home gifts today. Remember all our boxes come with a handwritten card and if you’re gifting on behalf of a company, we can add flyers or other marketing material to the box at no extra charge.

Contact our corporate gifting team for further information.