Birthday Gift Box: How to Order One for Corporate Gifting

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A birthday occasion comes only once a year, and sending a birthday gift box can be an excellent opportunity to remind your business partners, clients, and employees that you are thinking about them and appreciate their existence.

Although this is a personal occasion, a company can use curated gift boxes to improve relationships with stakeholders and staff. In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about sending personalised birthday gift boxes, so let’s dive in.

Giving Out Birthday Gift Boxes: 5 Amazing Options to Consider

Corporate gifting is an excellent way to build long-lasting relationships with your business partners and clients. It can also be a great way to show your staff that you appreciate them and recognise their efforts.

Sending birthday gift boxes is an excellent way to reach employees who work remotely or in other locations. These boxes will let them know they’re considered valuable assets by the company, even if they aren’t physically present at the office.

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Luckily, there are several curated boxes to choose from to show appreciation to stakeholders and staff. All the curated boxes contain high-quality items made of superb materials.

The lotions and creams are organic and vegan to suit those with sensitive skin, and the packaging is elegant to demonstrate your company’s tasteful nature.

These curated boxes are differently designed to suit various tastes and budgets. They’ll save you time and effort if you order several ones to impress your staff and stakeholders.

You can take a look at their different components and compose your personalised message and company logo to be added to these gift boxes.

The Thinking About You Box

Everything in this box shows that you care. It’s an excellent birthday gift for a hard-working employee who has been exerting tremendous efforts to meet the company’s goals.

All the items are meant to provide care and comfort, with comfy, cosy socks, a scented candle, a foot soak, body lotion, body mask, and body bar.

thinking about you gift box

Encourage your employees to pamper themselves with this gender-neutral gift box containing a refreshing tea, vegan chewing gum, and an artisan chocolate bar.

Moreover, this box comes with a gift card where you can write a personalised message to show your appreciation.

The Self-Care Box

This birthday box is suitable for preserving professionals to remind them to take care of themselves. It can also be a pick-me-up gift to those who get caught up with work and neglect their emotional and mental well-being.

The box has a delicate and soothing design and comes in pastel calming colours inspired by the coconut, plum, and iris-scented candle, which can be used to soothe and calm the mind after a long, tiring day.

self care gift box

This gift box contains a comfort foot balm and a firming collagen sheet mask for a spa-like experience at home.

The Care Package

It’s always a good gesture to remind someone to take care of themselves. This gift box promotes wellness and self-care with products designed to make whoever receives them feel better.

This will be the right gift if you want to promote your company’s image as one that cares about its staff and clients.

The package contains a soothing tea, warm and cosy alpaca socks, and a scented body bar.

care package gift

In addition to these disposable items, this gift comes with a collapsable cup that people can use for long periods, always seeing your company’s logo or remembering your brand.

There’s also a mindfulness deck with meditation exercises to help people regain a sense of clarity and calmness.

The Fun + Games

A birthday is an excellent occasion to focus on yourself and your well-being.

Although these corporate gifts are given out in a professional setting, this one reminds people to have fun and enjoy their time with their loved ones.

fun and games gift box

This box contains a fun 100-piece puzzle that your employees or clients can enjoy alone or with family and friends.

It also includes a Bluetooth speaker and delicious vegan gummy bears.

The Cheers

You want your employees, clients, business partners, or whoever receives this gift to remember your company while they’re having fun.

This gift box will be the perfect present to help them enjoy their time on a special occasion.

cocktail gift

This gift box contains what you’ll need to make a fancy cocktail or mocktail to celebrate personal milestones and corporate events.

Depending on who will receive this gift, you can include a cocktail or coffee syrup to create the perfect drink. The box also contains a whiskey chocolate bar, orange slices, vegan gummy bears, and an elegant copper mug to enjoy their favourite beverages.

Customising A Birthday Gift Box

Do you want to offer your employees and clients something unique? In addition to all the curated boxes, you can customise special gift boxes using your favourite products from an extensive list.

Customising a birthday gift box to send out has several benefits.

ideas for a bithday gift box

You guarantee that your gift recipients will receive unique gifts that carry your company’s signature.

You can customise gifts based on your budget.

You can prepare several gift categories to give out to various people.

You get to choose items that are more relevant to your brand or the products and services it offers.

Here are the proper steps to follow.

Choose the Gifts

Each gift box you pick comes with premium packaging with hand-wrapping and a hand-written card with a personalised message. The gift categories range from body care items to skincare items, office stationary, drinks, edible gummy bears, and clothing items.

Choose the Card

You can choose between different card templates and customise them with a personal hand-written message or pick a blank one to add your signature note.

handwritten card choices

After selecting your card, you can write the message and specify who the gift is for. Professionals will write your message, or you can leave it blank to write it yourself.

Complete Your Purchase

You can order as many boxes as you want and deliver them to your doorstep. The quality of your gift items and the satisfaction of recipients are guaranteed.

Wrap Up

Sending a birthday gift box is a reminder to show your employees, clients, and business partners that you appreciate them. It’s a chance to improve personal and professional relationships with well-thought-out gifts.

Luckily, there are several curated boxes that you can choose from. You can also design a personalised gift box to reflect your business image better. 

To streamline things at your end, we can set up a system where we automatically send out gifts to your employees on specific dates (birthdays, work anniversaries etc).

Please contact our Corporate Team to get started.