5 Ways To Build The Perfect Custom Gift Box

5 Ways To Build The Perfect Custom Gift Box

If you’ve Googled ‘how to build a custom gift box’ and landed on this page, we’re here to help!

Building your own gift box can seem overwhelming – where should you begin? Whether you are gifting for a loved one on for yourself, there are ways to make the whole gifting experience quick and easy.

We like to keep these ideas in mind when it comes to creating a custom gift box:

1. Use

When giving gifts, give what you know they wish they had but wouldn’t necessarily buy for themselves. Most of us are happy to encourage others to pamper themselves but how many of us spend time on our own self-care or pampering?

Giving gifts that encourage a little self-indulgence is always a good idea.  You want to make the gift personal to them so think about items you know they’d want, use, love and remember.

 2. Colour

Working to a colour scheme is easy and effective and what we do when we build our curated gift boxes and list items on the ‘build your own gift box’ platform.

white colour gift box

When you have a colour in mind it’s easy to figure out what does and doesn’t ‘go’ in your box.

Try pastels in a bridesmaid gift box or navy/grey/blue in a gift box for him.

Choose their favourite colour (or yours) and build your gift box from there.

3. Theme

Think about why you’re buying this gift – what is the occasion? For a new mum, include gifts that encourage her to spend some time on herself (while she can!) or for a newly married couple items they can use after the wedding or in their home.

4. Your Relationship

Do you share inside jokes, special memories and things that are specific to only the two of you? Use that as the basis for gift to build on the uniqueness of your relationship.

There are no fixed rules when it comes to gifting – think about what you’d want them to send you and go from there.

5. Size

We like to choose a large item first as the anchor for the box then build smaller gifts around it in a symmetrical fashion.

pamper gift ideas

All our gifts are dispatched as next day delivery and standard and come with a handwritten card so build your box and let’s get gifting!

Create your custom gift box now.