How To Curate The Perfect Get Well Soon Gifts

How To Curate The Perfect Get Well Soon Gifts

Know a loved one in need of some good get well soon gifts? We’ll help you put together the perfect gift box.

Whether your friend or employee is recovering from surgery, the flu or a broken heart, the right care package delivered to them at home can add a spot of brightness to an otherwise dark day.

We’ve curated the best products so you can create the perfect gift.

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5 Get Well Soon Gift Ideas

Bed Socks

When you’re not feeling well, whether you’re recovering from a bad cold or just had a new baby, lots of time is spent in bed or on the sofa (usually with Netflix and a hot drink) which is where a comfy and fluffy pair of bed socks come in.

alpaca bed socks

These aren’t the kind of socks you wear outside; this Tom Lane pair is made from 90% Alpaca and thy are soft, comfortable, warm and a delight for the toes.


Chocolate kind makes everything feel better right? As does a good cup of tea if you’re British. Gift chocolate with benefits with Beauty Bar Chocolate.

These bars contain Adaptogens (herbal remedies) to counteract stress in the body and still taste delicious.

‘Glowing Mint’ contains mint to aid digestion and soothe the stomach while 'Original’ has rhodiola to decrease fatigue and increase a sense of wellbeing. The bars are vegan, sugar and gluten-free.

Scented Candle

A good candle can soothe, decrease stress and increase self-awareness. Plus everything looks better in the dim glow of candlelight.

There’s a reason spas and romantic restaurants use them as a light source! Add scented candles and a wellness journal to your gift box to aid relaxation and reflection.

Add a snuffer to keep the candle healthy.

Peppermint Gum

Being unwell can bring on feelings of nausea and according to Livestrong, chewing peppermint gum relaxes your stomach muscles and gets rid of that tight, uncomfortable, cramping feeling that you have get when you feel sick.

Think of it as a kind of cooling stomach massage – kneading all of the knots out until your stomach is stretched, relaxed, and comfortable.

Organic Face Cloths

Organic and reusable face cloths are sustainable and environmentally friendly substitutes for makeup pads and balls but when you’re aren’t well, can be used as a hot or cold compress and to soothe a furrowed brow. 

Travel Mug

Staying hydrated is important at all times but especially when feeling under the weather. Save endless trips to the kitchen, and your hot drink getting cold, with a portable mug.

travel mug

They’ll keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold and make the perfect bedside companion.

Aloe Vera Soothing Sheet Mask

Pop this face mask in the fridge then apply cool sheet to your face for 20 mins of unadulterated bliss. Aloe contains antioxidants, enzymes, Vitamins A and C, and can help reduce pain, swelling and soreness.

All our gifts come with a handwritten card where you are free to write as soppy a message as you wish!

Build the perfect get well soon gift box today.