How To Build Your Own Care Package

How To Build Your Own Care Package

We started ShopBOXD as a way to send a care package to a friend in need.

To be there when you can’t actually be there and to send a little love in the post.

Our create your own gift box platform allows you to personalise the perfect care package just for them.

Sending a care package is one of the best ways to say ‘I am here for you, I always will  be and I want you to enjoy this package filled to the brim with things I know you are going to love, use and remember.;

In our experience, there are five main reasons people tend to send care packages so we’re giving you a few tips on how to build your own.

Bear these ideas in mind when sending love to someone in your life that is going through a tough time.

care package gift ideas

Care package ideas:

Sympathy Gift Box

A loved one grieving a loss or going through heartbreak is devastating for them and it can be difficult to know exactly how to proceed. 

When building their gift box, think about things that will make them smile, remind them of happy times or simply give them a break from barrage of ‘I’m sorry’ calls and text messages.

A wellness journal can help work through difficult feelings and emotions.

You want your gift to show you are there for them but that you also respect the time and distance they need to heal on their own.

Get Well Soon Gift Box 

Whether they’re undergoing cancer treatment, recovering from surgery or in bed with a bad cold, you want to send gifts that help them heal.

Think warm, fuzzy, comforting items like a luxury scented candle, a soothing face mask, chocolate (always chocolate) and body pampering products like bath salts, soaps and balms.

Student Care Package

If your young person is leaving home and having to make new friends, potentially in a new city, it can be a scary time.

Help them feel like they’re taking a little piece of home away with them with practical gifts like baking kits, stationery and the ‘It’s Great To Create’ book to flex their creative muscles which in turn helps them academically.

New Home Gifts

Help them turn their house into a home and build a gift box to help them settle into their new surroundings.

Food and scents are always a good idea and we like adding a box of champagne or merlot wine gums to add to the celebratory feeling of them first getting their new set of house keys.

Break Up Gift Box

A break up gift box calls for products to remind them how fabulous they are! Think shine, sparkle and shimmer to assist their glow up and apply oodles and oodles of self-love.

They’re going through a tough time and receiving your thoughtful care package is sure to dry those tears and put a smile on their face.

All our gift boxes – whether already curated or build your own – come with a handwritten card where you are free to express just how much this person means to you.

Get to building the ultimate care package today!