Corporate Gift Boxes - The Best Gifts To Send And When To Send Them

Corporate Gift Boxes - The Best Gifts To Send And When To Send Them

Corporate gift boxes are primarily given to clients, employees, or customers as a gesture of appreciation, goodwill, or celebration.

These gift boxes usually contain a selection of items that have been carefully curated to suit the recipient's taste or occasion.

Corporate gift boxes can include a wide variety of products, such as gourmet food, snacks, wine, spirits, stationery, tech gadgets, apparel, and more.

Corporate gifts can also be designed to reflect the company's brand identity and values, or to align with a specific event or theme.

Corporate gifting is a popular way for businesses to strengthen their relationships with their stakeholders, enhance their reputation, and foster loyalty.

Gifting can also be used as a marketing tool to promote the company's products or services, or to attract new customers.

When choosing corporate gift boxes, it's important to consider the recipients' preferences and needs, as well as the company's budget and objectives.

ShopBOXD is a full service gift box company offering personalised and elevated corporate gifting solutions.

We specialise in internal and external gifting and have worked with small businesses, start-ups and FTSE100 companies on gifting campaigns.

We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and can work with you to send luxury corporate gift boxes or lower priced, but just as impactful, letterbox gifts.

Looking for inspiration?

Corporate Gift Boxes For Employees

Care Package

You can send a care package to an employee recovering from surgery, as a sympathy gift or simply to let them know you are thinking of them as they go through a difficult time.

Birthday Gifts

We love an occasion gift and another trip around the sun deserves to be celebrated!

Our Celebration Box is popular for birthdays but can easily be used for any kind of celebration – wedding, anniversary and/or employee milestone for example.

New Employee Gift Box

Welcome your latest hire with a gift that contains a few gently branded items and our favourite, something your new staff member can eat!

New Mum Gifts

Don’t send your pregnant employee a boring gift card; send them a gift full of elevated essentials you know they’ll love, use and remember.

Team Gifts

A popular gift choice for clients, a good team gift needs to be big enough to share.

Add a few tastefully branded elements (things mugs and coasters) and lots and lots of snacks!

Christmas Gifts

Q4 is the busiest season in the gifting calendar and we suggest cementing your gifts as early as September when minimums and prices are lower and there’s increased flexibility around branding and shipping deadlines.

Sustainable Corporate Gifts

Many companies have an increased focus on sending sustainable gifts and for good reason.

Thoughtless, overly branded swag is often left behind at conferences and/or ends up stuck in a kitchen drawer in the home.

If you’d like to send eco-friendly corporate gifts, try:

  • reusable coffee cups
  • seed paper
  • recycled cotton bags
  • stainless steel cutlery sets
  • bamboo pens
  • packets of seeds

Add branding where relevant.

Would you like to send personalised gifts at a lower scale?

Try our proprietary Build A Gift Box platform where you can create your own box.

Simply choose up to seven items, add a note for the handwritten card and you’re ready to go!

We can help you send corporate hampers, branded corporate gift boxes, corporate Christmas gift boxes and corporate gift packages.

Contact our corporate team if you’d like to send ten or more boxes or shop our curated and ready to go gift boxes and send your gift today!