12 Gift Ideas For A Will You Be My Bridesmaid Box

black and white picture of bride and her bridesmaid hugging

What’s a bride without her trusty squad of bridesmaids by her side, right?

And when it’s time to pop the question to your besties, there’s no resisting the charm of a “Will You Be My Bridesmaid” box.

In this guide, we’ll help you fill your custom gift box with lovely items your favourite ladies can’t say no to!

What to Put In Your Bridesmaid Proposal Box

Here’s a list of items you can include in your bridesmaid proposal box to make it extra special.

Beauty Products

The perfect gift set for your future bridesmaids should contain wedding day essentials to make them look their absolute best.

There’s nothing like a good lotion to make their skin feel silky smooth and a mattifying serum to control oil and shine for those photo sessions.

mattifying serum

A soothing facial steam with a blend of organic herbs will calm their skin and spirit. And don’t forget the eye pads to banish pre-wedding tiredness from last-minute preparations.

facial steam

Nobody wants chapped lips on your big day, so consider adding a lip mask or lip balm to your bridesmaid gift box.

To top it all off, a spritz of hydrating mist will refresh their skin from your bridal shower to the wedding party.

Bath Products

Treat your bridal party to a luxurious pampering session to prepare for your big day. Imagine your best girls indulging in a bath soak filled with pink, aromatic bath salts.

For eco-friendly cleansing, a green tea-infused bath sponge and vegan soap are gentle on the skin and kind to the environment. A sisal brush can also exfoliate and revitalize for a radiant glow.

To complete your bridesmaid’s mini-spa in a box, sneak in a nourishing body mask.

body mask

Beauty Tools

Your bridesmaid proposal gift set couldn’t get any more chic with a matching white jade face roller and gua sha.

The face roller is a cool, soothing hug for the skin. Your bridesmaids can say goodbye to puffiness and hello to an enviable natural glow.

And for that Instagram-worthy, sculpted jawline, the gua sha tool is here to work its magic.

gold eye mask, face cloths, lip mask, gua sha and cleanser

These beauty tools aren’t just thoughtful; they add a touch of luxury to their skincare routines.

Scented Candles

A bridesmaid proposal gift box is never complete without scented candles!

A whiff of rose is a fragrant reminder that love is in the air. Plus, your lovely ladies can reuse the gem-inspired glass container for storing their trinkets.

pink and white gift ideas - dishcloth, candle snuffer, candle and bath soak

Or, if you want something fresh and beachy, consider a candle tin of sea salt and driftwood. It can transport your bridesmaids to a tranquil seaside retreat every time they light it.

Sweet Treats

For your bridesmaid proposal gift box, why not satisfy their sweet tooth with some delightful treats? Here are some mouthwatering options to consider:

Fruity Gummy Bears: This fruity mix is like a burst of happiness in every bite.

Rosé Gummy Bears: Rose-flavored gummy bears are too pretty to sink your teeth into!

Rose Gummy Bears

Coffee Chocolate Bar: For the coffee lovers in your bridal tribe, a coffee-infused chocolate bar can be a delicious pick-me-up.

Sea Salt Chocolate: The fusion of chocolate and sea salt offers the perfect balance of sweet and salty.

Smoked Salt Dark Chocolate: The smoky sea salt flavor complements the richness of dark chocolate.

Vegan Strawberry Chocolate Bar: It’s a guilt-free delight for those who appreciate the blend of fruity flavors and chocolatey goodness.

Vegan Strawberry Chocolate Bar

Whiskey Dark Chocolate Bar: The oakey whiskey and bittersweet cocoa flavors will delight anyone with a taste for both spirits and fine chocolate.

Artisan Tea

Artisan tea is another splendid choice when crafting a bridal party proposal gift.

Cup of Love Rose Tea: Delicate and fragrant, the floral notes of a rose tea embody romance and elegance.

Cup of Love Rose Tea

Blue Lullaby Tea: With its mesmerizing blue hue, butterfly pea flower tea captivates the eye and the palate.

Organic Earl Grey Tea: This timeless classic is a nod to tradition and refined taste.

Silk Eye Mask

Spoil your bridesmaids with pink eye masks made of the finest mulberry silk.

These masks are the ideal gift for catching much-needed Zs before the big day or any time they need a break from reality.

Silk Eye Mask

Hair Accessories

Elevate your bridesmaids’ hair game with satin scrunchies and chic hair claws. These stylish accessories will keep their locks in place as they get dolled up for your wedding day.

Travel Tumbler

These wine tumblers are the perfect companion as your A-team travels to your dream destination wedding.

Whether it’s wine or coffee, an insulated tumbler will keep their drinks chilled or piping hot.

travel mug

Alternatively, a collapsible cup effortlessly fits in the purse or pocket, perfect for refills on the go.

Beauty Book

Why settle for the ordinary when you can push for extraordinary bridesmaid gift box ideas? The following beauty books are the ultimate resources for your bridesmaids’ skincare aspirations.

“Eat Beautiful” offers a scrumptious serving of beauty tips that nourish from the inside out.

Eat Beautiful book

Your bride tribe can uncover the enchanting secrets to radiant skin, luscious locks, and a whole lot of well-being.

And the best part? They can savour all of this delicious knowledge while flipping through the pages of an indulgent read.

If K-beauty intrigues your besties, the “Korean Skincare Bible” is a must-have. From the famous 10-step routine to achieving glass skin, this comprehensive guide covers it all.

k beauty book

Compact Mirror

Make sure your bridesmaids are flawlessly fabulous from morning to night!

This compact mirror is essential for wedding day touch-ups, so your bridesmaids are picture-perfect in every snapshot.


Jewellery Dish

Gift your bridesmaids a charming jewelry dish that’s both decorative and functional. This elegant accessory provides a stylish place to keep their precious pieces safe and organized.

jewlry dish

Wrapping Up

Now that you have some thoughtful gift ideas for your future bridesmaids, it’s time to build your own “Will you be my bridesmaid” box.

And don’t forget to include a handwritten note to add a personal touch.

bridesmaid proposal box

Make each box reflect your friendship and the joy you’ll share as you prepare for your wedding day.