18 Thoughtful Gifts for Your Best Friend's Wedding

18 Thoughtful Gifts for Your Best Friend's Wedding

So, your best friend is getting married!

It's such an exciting time and you want to make sure their big day is as perfect as possible.

After all, they've been there for you through everything, from your first date to your first heartbreak.

Now it's your turn to show them how much they mean to you with the perfect wedding gift.

These thoughtful wedding gifts for your best friend are some of the most beautiful gift items we've found.

Read on to find the perfect wedding gift for your best friend.

Sentimental Wedding Gifts for the Home

Gifts for the home are a wonderful choice.

As the happy couple settles into married life, they'll be perfecting their love nest.

Help them out with some sentimental gifts that will make their home even more special.

  • Black Sunflowers Swedish Dishcloth - This dish cloth is a biodegradable and sustainable alternative to paper towels. It is made of 100% natural materials and can be reused over and over. It absorbs 20 times its weight and replaces 17 rolls of paper towels. It can be used to wash dishes, wipe up spills, scrub counters and clean mirrors. It is perfect for the kitchen, bathroom or nursery.
  • Blush Poppies Swedish Dishcloth - The Blush Poppies Swedish Dishcloth is absorbent, stylish, and sustainable. It would make a great best friend wedding gift because it is practical and eco-friendly.
  • Black Bluetooth Speaker - This portable Bluetooth speaker is the perfect gift for any music lover. It easily connects to most devices so playing music is a breeze.
  • Silk Pillowcase - This ivory silk pillowcase would make a great best friend wedding gift because it can improve skin and hair hydration, prevent fine lines and wrinkles, and result in smoother, frizz-free hair. Silk is a natural fiber that is beneficial for the skin and hair, making this pillowcase a luxurious way to sleep.

  • Seed Paper Postcard - This postcard is a fun and unique way to surprise your friends with a gift that grows! The seeds embedded in the postcard will germinate within a week when watered daily, and will grow into lavender, peppermint or basil plants. This makes for a fun and useful wedding gift that the newlyweds can enjoy for years to come.
  • Grow Book - The product is a gardening book that helps people to grow plants with life-changing powers. Help the couple to start their new life together by giving them a way to improve their health and well-being.
  • Candle Snuffer - This candle snuffer would make a great best friend wedding gift because it is well-crafted and helps keep the wick healthy, preventing wax from spraying and reducing smoke and sooting.
  • Gold Clip with Spoon - The product is a kitchen clip that has a scoop attached to it with a crocodile clip. The clip is designed to reseal any product bag, which would keep the contents fresher for longer.

  • Copper Measuring Cups - This is a set of four copper-coloured stainless steel measuring cups that nest together with a ring so a cup is never lost! The cups are quarter, third, half and one cup measures, making it the perfect gift for a best friend's wedding. With this set, they'll be able to make all of their favorite recipes perfectly every time, in style!
  • Reusable Voile Linen Bag - This zero-waste linen bag is both practical and eco-friendly. The bag can be used to store loose small fruit and vegetables while out shopping, or to wash small or delicate items like underwear and face masks in the washing machine. It is handcrafted in Castelnau-Le-Lez, Occitanie, France, so you can be sure that the quality is excellent.

Sentimental Wedding Gifts for the Home

Personalized Wedding Ring Dish

Every bride needs a safe place to keep her wedding rings.

We have a couple of options so you can choose one that fits her personal style:

  • Black and Gold Trinket Dish
  • White Gold Speckled Jewelry Tray

Personalised Best Friend Wedding Card

Each gift box comes with a card you can personalise with your own heartfelt message. You can include the message at checkout and we'll hand write the card to perfection.

You can also leave the field blank if you'd prefer to write it yourself.

Wedding Day Emergency Kit

It's the biggest day of her life and there's so much that could go wrong.

Save the day by gifting her a wedding day emergency kit with items she can use in a pinch.

  • Snacks - A light and healthy snack that staves off hunger without weighing her down can be a life saver on the big day. Add almonds, cashews, jackfruit chips, or crispy orange slices to her box so she'll always be prepared.
  • Safety matches - They may be needed for lighting candles or incense.
  • Peppermints - Keep them on hand for fresh breath in a pinch!
  • Mattifying serum - Use it to beat oily skin to avoid makeup mishaps.
  • Rose Water - This hydrating mist is perfect for keeping skin dewy without any oily feeling. The relaxing aroma can aid in easing the nerves, as well.

wedding day emergency kit

Wedding Keepsake Box

Our gift boxes are high quality and made to last, so your best friend can ultimately use it as a wedding keepsake box to cherish their wedding memories forever.

wedding gift box

Your best friend is getting married and you want to find the perfect wedding gift for them.

While there are many different types of gifts you could give, we've found that sentimental and thoughtful gifts tend to be the most memorable.

These ideas will help you get started building the perfect wedding gift box for your best friend.

Start shopping for your best friend’s wedding gifts today.