Why Sending Bridesmaid Boxes Guarantees You A Yes!

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A wedding will always be a happy time for anyone who is about to embark on the journey of marriage, but let’s face it, wedding planning is always going to be the one area that brings excitement as well as stress and anxiety.

Albeit the good kind.

Choosing your bridal party is one decision that you will need to consider carefully. The groom is likely to take care of the best man and ushers, but what about the bridesmaids?

This is where you come in. You may already have who you want in mind, so thinking of a unique way to ask them might be something you are thinking about.

Who might you ask to be your maid of honour or bridesmaids?

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There will likely be a few options when it comes to bridesmaids or maid of honour, but if you are still puzzled then here are some of the people you might want to consider for the roles:

  • Sister
  • Sister in law to be
  • Best friend
  • Friends
  • Cousins on both sides of the family
  • Other female family members

Deciding who might feel like a big task, because you likely won’t want to offend anyone. After all, depending on the size of your bridal party, you won’t be able to give every female you know a role in your wedding. So, choose carefully.

How might you ask them to be your maid of honour or bridesmaid?

The next thing to consider would be how you might ask somebody to be your maid of honour or bridesmaid. This is something that you can get excited about.

A new tradition is to consider a bridesmaid proposal. Finding the ideal bridesmaid proposal gift and or maid of honour gift might be easier than you think and choosing personalised bridesmaid boxes could be the answer.

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There are some great 'will you be my bridesmaid' box ideas that could not only get the answer you want but also make whoever it is feel special.

You may be wondering how to ship bridesmaid boxes, but having them delivered to you or directly to your potential bridesmaid or maid of honour is easy to arrange.

What might you include in your bridesmaid proposal box?

You might be wondering what it is you might want to include in your bridesmaid proposal box.

The main objective for the gift is to get an answer of a yes or no, so aside from including some of their favourite things, think about including a personalised not that states will you be my bridesmaid or maid of honour?

This could also work for a flower girl as well and make them feel extra special, especially as they will likely be younger.

These personalised gifts can also be a great option when you consider giving a gift during the ceremony as a thank you for all of the help.

They can also match your colour scheme, so whether it is a rose gold look, silver, green or bright blue, making it personal and matching in with the wedding will also help you to add those relevant touches.

Finding the right proposal gift box for your bridesmaid or maid of honour doesn’t have to be a tricky decision.

Check out the Bridesmaid Gift Box or take advantage of the option to create your own gift box according to the likes and dislikes of your bridal party.

You can also build your own gift box to say thank you to your groomsmen too!