7 Ideas On What To Give As A Baby Shower Gift

7 Ideas On What To Give As A Baby Shower Gift

It has become more of a tradition for a mum-to-be to celebrate the impending arrival of their little one with a baby shower.

It gives you the chance to come together as friends and relatives and have fun before the new parents are overcome with joy and everything else that comes along with a new baby.

A baby shower is a lot of fun, but if you have an invitation to attend one, you may be thinking about the perfect baby shower gift.

So here are a few things to think about to help you choose the right mum and baby gift for your friend or loved one.

What might you want to include in your baby shower gift?

Buying the perfect baby shower gift might seem a hard decision at first, but there are so many items that you can include in a gift hamper or box that you are likely to be spoilt for choice.

New parents, or a new mum specifically, might need all sorts of things when they first become a parent. 

So here are some of the things you could include in your new baby gift

  • Soft toy for a baby boy or baby girl
  • Baby clothes
  • Milestone cards
  • Some of their favourite things
  • Things to enjoy when the baby will be asleep
  • Practical items like a baby balm, nappies, or baby toiletries
  • Something off their shower gift list

The more you think about it, the more things that you can add. You can make it dedicated to the baby, or make the baby shower gift all about the new mum. It is your choice to make.

What if you don’t know if it is a boy or a girl?

A new trend that many new parents are doing is to involve a gender reveal at their baby shower. So, if before the event you don’t know if it is a baby girl or baby boy, you could make the gift gender-neutral in your choice of colours and style.

How might you give a baby shower gift?

If you are not buying one specific thing as your baby shower gift then you might be thinking about a bundle of options that you want to bring together.

This is when a gift hamper or gift box can be the answer. It gives you the chance to bring a collection of carefully chosen items together to create one gift. This might be many smaller things or a different range of options.


You could have the baby shower gift delivered directly to the new mum, perhaps if you are unable to attend on the day, or send it yourself ready for you to hand over.

A personalised baby gift will always be well received, so if you know names or gender then you could include this in your baby shower gift box.

A personalised mum to be gift box from BOXD could be the answer.

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