Picking the Best Gift for Employees: Your In-Depth Guide

happy employees sitting around a table smiling

A promotion, celebration, milestone, or holiday, all these events call for a nice present.

Gifts are a crucial part of employees’ work life as well as business productivity.

That said, many businesses neglect gifts due to budgeting issues, or simply not knowing what to get.

Fortunately, in this article, we’ll tell you everything about getting the perfect gift for employees. So, let’s dive in!

Importance of Employee Gifting

There’s no denying the importance of gift-giving in our personal relationships. Still, here are all the reasons why gifts should be an essential part of your office environment:

Improves Employee Loyalty

Employees don’t just work for the paycheck. In fact, many employees might get a job offer with a competitive salary but refuse due to their workplace loyalty.

Studies show that 53% of employees say that appreciation gestures help them stay longer at one company. So, what better way to show appreciation than with a thoughtful gift?

Boosts Mood

Nothing lifts up the whole office like a gift. Whether you’re celebrating a promotion, a milestone, or a special occasion, a gift is the perfect way to do so.

An elevated mood means better overall well-being. Additionally, happier employees have lower absenteeism rates, are better at communication, and are more innovative.

Increases Productivity

Burnout is one of the most common problems in the workplace. Yet, a simple gift can combat this low productivity.

That’s because presents, especially personalised ones, significantly boost employee morale. They represent your appreciation and regard for their hard work. Then, employees will feel the importance of their presence and efforts.

smiling employees

Creates Connections

Gifts are a great way to create connections between colleagues and upper management. They help employees feel included. In turn, the workplace will feel like one big family.

Furthermore, if you reward an employee for their achievements, this might inspire their peers to work harder.

Fosters a Positive Culture

Nobody likes a tense workplace. Well, gifts and celebrations are a perfect ice-breaker. Not only do gifts elevate mood, but they significantly impact the culture of the office.

Instead of employees dreading Mondays, you’ll create a workplace that motivates employees to work.

What to Consider When Choosing a Gift for Employees

Finding the perfect gift for employees is tricky. After all, your interactions with them are limited within the working hours.

What’s more is that everyone is different. So, a gift that works for one employee might not be well-appreciated by another.

Here are some considerations that should be present in a perfect gift for an employee:


Good gift-giving is an art form. The perfect gift is one your employees will get plenty of use out of, as well as be joyful about.

For example, you don’t want to hand out printed, impersonal cards that’ll end up at the bottom of a drawer.

Instead, you should go for a functional gift like The Fun + Games that employees can either use in the office or at home, such as portable speakers.


The main purpose of giving your employees a gift is to show them appreciation. If it’s too generic, it’ll give the impression that you didn’t put any thought or effort into the gift.

That’s why personalised gifts are an ideal solution. You don’t have to get an engraved fountain pen for the gift to be meaningful, though.

Considering the recipient’s interests and personality is enough for a gift to be meaningful. Even if you’re unable to do so, a simple handwritten thank you note paired with the gift should do the trick.

custom gift box - green striped notebook, almonds, coffee tin, thank you card and candle


Jewellery and perfume are great gifts to give your partner or friends, but they don’t belong in the office.

Moreover, stay away from funny gifts or inappropriate items. You never know how an employee will perceive those. Alternatively, edible gifts and work supplies are appropriate.


There’s a time and place for an expensive gift. However, the workplace isn’t one of them.

Naturally, you don’t want to break the bank to reward your employees. What’s more is that expensive items might make your employees uncomfortable, as they'll feel the need to pay back for the gift in some other way.

That’s not all. If you’re willing to set a hefty budget for a special appraisal, employees might be more thankful for a bonus!

Still, this doesn’t mean your employee gift should be cheap. Instead, you can pick a luxurious, practical item on a budget.

Best Gifts for Employees

If you’re still unsure about what to get your employees, here are some superb gift ideas:

Assorted Treats

Who doesn’t love a midday pick-me-up? You can treat the entire office to a variety of gourmet snacks and chocolate to thank them for their efforts.

Not only will employees feel joyful by the gift, but the chocolate will give them a boost of dopamine, further enhancing the mood in the workplace!

Food + Drink

Tea and coffee are essential in the corporate world. Accordingly, snacks are a practical gift you can get your employees.

The best part is that everyone drinks tea and coffee. So, you won’t spend hours racking your brain for a custom gift.

Personalised Office Supplies

The greatest gifts are the ones the recipient wouldn’t think to get for themselves. That’s why a personalised office supply kit is a superb gift idea.

This might be anything from a fancy engraved pen, to a simple notepad.

Gift Cards

Though gift cards don’t require much effort, they still make for great presents. The reason is that you can personalise the gift card depending on the recipient.

Send a ShopBOXD gift card and let your employees, wherever they are in the world, curate themselves the perfect gift.

Wrapping Up

Getting the ideal gift for employees is more complicated than you might think. The gift must be meaningful, while still being professional.

It should also be practical and cost-efficient. That said, the benefits of gifts outweigh the drawbacks.

Some perfect gifts for employees include chocolate, hand-written notes, coffee or tea sets, and even gift cards.

For a luxurious touch, you can add all these items in a personalised gift box.

Build your employee gift box now!