8 Unique Corporate Gifts Ideas

Unique Corporate Gift Ideas of tea, socks, sweets, mug and hand cream

There’s no denying the importance of corporate gifts.

Whether you want to boost employee morale, celebrate a special occasion, or build client relationships, a gift is an excellent way to do so.

However, it can be difficult to pick a professional gift that suits various tastes, especially if you’re in a pinch.

Fortunately, we’ve got everything to help you. So, keep reading this guide for the most unique corporate gifts. Let’s dive in!

Unique Corporate Gift Ideas

Here are some of the best corporate gift ideas that are sure to delight your employees:

Customised Office Gifts

Nothing is better than a personalised, useful gift. Office gifts are a universal idea that all your employees will equally appreciate.

The best part is that the budget isn’t an issue. You can get fancy fountain pens or simple calendars. Office based gifts are perfect no matter the occasion.

custom gift box - green striped notebook, almonds, coffee tin, thank you card and candle

Travel Accessories

Travel accessories are a no-brainer if the job requires plenty of travelling. Still, what better way to encourage your employees to make use of their vacation days than with handy travel accessories?

These can be anything from suitcases, duffle bags, passport cases, or even simple luggage tags.


Do you want your employees or business partners to remember you whenever they check the time? Well, simply get them a clock.

A high-quality clock is the ideal desk accessory. It’s also pretty handy. Here’s the kicker: Clocks also fit every occasion. That’s because you can go for a simple digital clock or a luxurious analogue one.


Who doesn’t love chocolate? The dopamine-inducing snack is excellent regardless of the occasion or the time of year.

Additionally, you can personalise the gift further by pairing the tasty chocolate with a customised coffee mug or a memorable handwritten note.

chocolate gifts

Travel Mug

Corporate gifts are enough to fuel an employee for the day. Yet, a coffee gift set will ensure each employee starts their day energised.

You might keep it simple by including your company’s logo on the coffee tumbler. Alternatively, adding decadent coffee and a delicious snack is the perfect way to superb this gift.

coffee, tea and a travel mug

Tea Set

There’s nothing like a relaxing cup of tea after a day of hard work. Well, help your employees relax by gifting them with a tea gift that’s perfect as an afternoon pick-me-up or for an unwinding ritual.

While tea seems too conventional, everybody drinks it! Accordingly, you’ll know you’re on your employees' and business partners’ minds every time they take a sip of the thoughtful gift.

tea break gift

Scented Candles

Another relaxing gift idea is scented candles. The gift is an ideal way to show your employees that you care for their well-being, not just their performance in the workplace.

So, if your team achieved a milestone, reached the end of the year, or just went through a rough period, keep them pampered with some scented candles or even a spa bundle.

Gourmet Mocktail Set

Who said corporate gifts must be dull? Giving your employees or business partners a cheery mocktail set is a guaranteed method to show appreciation and celebrate achievements.

Not only is this gift fun, but it’s also a tasty treat that leaves a good impression on every recipient.

cocktail gift

Wrapping Up

Finding unique corporate gifts can be tricky. After all, the process is time-consuming and each employee has a different taste.

That’s where corporate gift sets come in handy. These sets include an assortment of treats that employees will surely appreciate. Furthermore, they suit every budget and occasion.

So, whether you’re looking for a small treat or a handy gift that employees will get a lot of use from, we hope this guide was helpful!

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