7 Great Corporate Christmas Gift Ideas

7 Great Corporate Christmas Gift Ideas

We all know that Christmas is the ultimate season of giving.

Therefore, your organisation should get into the festive spirit with corporate Christmas gifts. Such gifts are an excellent way to show employees appreciation and boost their morale and engagement.

Some great ideas for corporate Christmas gifts include ceramic mugs, Christmas snack packs, and hand warmers. Other options include coaster sets and Christmas socks as these are hugely popular gifts.

Read on to learn more about our top picks for Christmas gifts to give your employees. We’ve also explained why you should get corporate Christmas gifts in the first place.

7 Ideas for Corporate Christmas Gifts

There are many amazing ideas for corporate Christmas gifts to give your employees.

Here are some of them you can find at ShopBOXD:

Ceramic Mugs

We start our list with a Christmas gift you can’t go wrong with. Ceramic mugs have been given as Christmas gifts for many years, putting a smile on lots of people’s faces in the process.

These mugs will help your employees add a festive twist to their daily cups of morning coffee. You can go for mugs with colourful Christmas designs or mugs with simpler aesthetics that emanate elegance and sophistication.

You should also consider printing the company slogan on one side of the mugs and printing a humorous phrase on the other.

Coaster Sets

We all know how annoying it is when you find a coffee ring on your table. So, why not help your employees put this inconvenience in their rearview mirror with a set of Christmas coasters?

Consider buying pricier coasters made of high-quality wood.

Engraved Premium Pens

If you wish to add a personal touch to your corporate Christmas gifts, engraved premium pens are a great way to go.

These pens give your employees an air of sophistication that’ll show that you appreciate them. Additionally, engraving each recipient’s name on the pen will take that feeling of appreciation to the next level.

When choosing the brand, don’t compromise on quality. If you do, it’ll take away from your employees’ satisfaction with their gifts. We recommend going for high-end brands like Mont Blanc or Parker.

Hand Warmers

When Christmas time rolls by, the weather is likely to be freezing cold. What better way to prepare your employees for this than by getting them a set of electronic hand warmers?

This device will add plenty of convenience to your employees' lives. They can simply charge the hand warmers, place one in each pocket, and stick their hands in there for a much-needed boost of warmth.

You may feel that this gift is redundant because your employees can warm their hands in their pockets without a warmer. In reality, it isn’t. It allows your employees to get instant heat instead of having to wait for ages before their hands get warm.

Hot Chocolate Machines

You can’t have Christmas without a warm cup of hot chocolate.

So, why not help your employees make the perfect cup with a hot chocolate machine? Additionally, these machines make it super easy to make hot chocolate in no time.

At first glance, you may feel that this gift idea is out of your budget. However, hot chocolate machines aren’t all as expensive as you think. There are many options you can go for that won’t make you break the bank.

That being said, don’t compromise on quality too much. Excessively cheap machines may be unsafe and inefficient.  

Christmas Snack Packs

If there’s one thing that we can all agree is a great gift, it’s food. Therefore, getting each employee a gift basket packed with their favourite Christmas treats is sure to be a popular decision.

Go for a chic wicker basket filled with Christmas cookies, fruit cake, and other tasty goodies. That way, your employees can keep the wicker basket and use it for other things after they’ve enjoyed all the treats in it.

Christmas Socks

Christmas socks are another idea to consider when buying corporate Christmas gifts.

This gift lightens the mood and emanates fun vibes, which is especially important if your workplace is usually always serious.

You can also dedicate a day on which everyone comes to the office wearing their Christmas socks. This is a great recipe for bonding, having a laugh, and boosting employee morale.

Why You Should Get Christmas Gifts for Employees

You may wonder why you should spend money and get Christmas gifts for your employees in the first place. The answer revolves around showing appreciation to your employees as well as the benefits that come with it.

When your employees feel appreciated, they’ll be content with where they’re at and will be less likely to look for employment elsewhere. As a result, you’ll have a low employee turnover rate and will avoid the costs associated with constantly hiring and training new employees.

Additionally, employee appreciation boosts motivation and engagement. Therefore, your employees will be more productive and invested in the company’s future. This mindset bodes well for your organisation’s outlook.

Finally, this increased employee engagement and morale helps strengthen and reinforce your company’s culture and values. It’ll also foster positive word of mouth for your organisation, making people want to be a part of your company.


With Christmas getting closer and closer, you may have started thinking about what gifts you should get for your employees.

When choosing corporate Christmas gifts, there’s no shortage of great options to pick from. Our top picks include engraved premium pens, hot chocolate machines, and Christmas snack packs.

You can also get your employees hand warmers or Christmas socks to keep them cosy during those cold months.

If you’re unsure what your employees would like, get them a ShopBOXD Gift Card and let them choose.

Whichever gift you choose to get, it’ll show your employees that you appreciate and value them. As a result, they’ll be more motivated, engaged, and invested in the company’s future.

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