10 Of The Best Gifts For Mum Ideas

10 Of The Best Gifts For Mum Ideas

Here are some gift ideas for the Mum that has everything.

These gifts will definitely put you in Mum's good graces!

Do you say the same thing every year? ‘I have no idea what the best gifts for Mum are?’ She has everything she wants or needs!

Here is the solution to your problem. The following is a list of items most Mums would love to receive.

None of the items are ridiculously expensive, so it doesn’t make Mum feel guilty to accept them (you know how Mums can be!) and none of them will end up in a drawer gathering dust either.

Some of the items might take a little investigation on your part to see if your Mum has an interest in them, but all are sure to be enjoyed by your special lady.

1. Scented Candles

Most mums love a nicely scented candle and they don’t cost a fortune. You can find gorgeous scented candles right here on BOXD.

candle gifts for mum

Add a candle snuffer to help the candle stay in tip top condition.

2. Jewellery Dish

Mum probably has quite the collection of rings, necklaces and bracelets and they deserve a nice resting place.


ring dish


3. Silk Sleep Set

Gift a good night’s sleep with a silk pillowcase and silk eye mask.


Sleeping on a silk pillowcase can improve skin and hair hydration, prevent fine lines and wrinkles, and result in smoother, frizz-free hair.

4. Tea

We Brits love our tea and if you can make it organic, even better!

Add a travel mug in cream or black for her commute or just to keep the drink at a good temperature around the house.

tea gifts for mum

If she’s not much of a tea drinker, send her gourmet hot chocolate instead.

5. For Plant Loving Mums

Does your Mum like plants?

Build a colour coordinated gift box centred around the book Grow Your Own Pet Plants.

We've added skincare sheet masks and bath salts for extra relaxation.

plant gift box


If you prefer a curated gift, mum will love receiving any of these: 

7. Mum To Be

If she's a mum in waiting, gift her a box centred around taking care of herself.

She's in for a wild ride once the baby arrives!

8. Pamper Gift Box

Most Mums are Olympic gold medalists in putting everyone's needs before their own.

Encourage her to focus on herself for once with our Pamper Gift Box.

9. Self Care Git Box

Our Self Care Gift Box contains a coconut wax candle, organic hand cream, a collagen skincare mask, silk scrunchies, and a little book of self-care rituals.

Everything she needs for that thing she never does – indulge herself!

10. Unwind Box

You know that Mum works too hard so send her our Limited Edition Unwind gift box that fosters relaxation, sleep and wellness.


Remember, all our gifts come with a handwritten card and free express UK delivery.

Send your gift box today!