7 of The Best Gifts For Mum Ideas

Here are some gift ideas for the Mum that has everything. These gifts will definitely put you in Mum's good graces!

Do you say the same thing every year? ‘I have no idea what the best gifts for Mum are?’ She has everything she wants or needs!

Here is the solution to your problem. The following is a list of items most Mums would love to receive. None of the items are ridiculously expensive, so it doesn’t make Mum feel guilty to accept them (you know how Mums can be!), and none of them will end up in a drawer gathering dust either.

Some of the items might take a little investigation on your part to see if your Mum has an interest in them, but all of these items are sure to be enjoyed by your special lady.

Find a pretty picture frame at a discount store and place a picture of you or you and your siblings in it. You can personalise the frame by using a stencil and stencilling around it, or if you are artistic, you can paint leaves or geometric lines around the frame.

If your siblings live far away, have them send a digital picture if they can, and you can use your computer to make it look like you were together for the picture. This kind of thing is always something a Mum would appreciate. 

Scented candles or diffusers are things Mum would like, and they don’t cost a fortune. You can find gorgeous scented candles right here on BOXD!

gifts for mum ideas

Diffusers are also popular. They are bottles of liquid that smell pleasant, and you put bamboo wands in the bottle to soak up the liquid and emit the scent. Watch out if your Mum has allergies, as this gift may bother her.

Does your Mum like to read? Look around and see if she has certain magazines around the house, then look and see if she might get them in the post. Try to find ones she doesn’t get in the mail and buy her one.

Wrap it up to give to her but before you do, take out the subscription card and get her a yearly subscription to this magazine. You can also go to the local book store and purchase a gift card. A Mum who enjoys reading is sure to love this kind of gift.

Get Mum some gourmet coffee or tea and place it in a pretty mug. If you can afford it, get some other coffee or tea items like a tea ball or coffee press, flavoured coffee additives, etc., and give it to her too. Coffee and tea-loving Mums will hug you for this gift.

Buy a Self Care Gift Box for your Mum. Our Self Care Gift Box contains vegan soap, lip scrub, silk scrunchies, and a little book of self-care rituals. Everything she needs for that thing she never does – indulge herself!

A salon package gift could include a gift certificate for Mum’s favourite place to get her hair done or where she goes to get her nails painted. This may be something she does anyway, but she doesn’t have to pay for it this time.

Some Mums love receiving flowers, but others may not be so thrilled. If you don’t think Mum would like to receive cut flowers get her a plant to put near her window. Or, get her a book on house plants.

gifts for mum ideas

Does your Mum like to garden? If she does, you are home free. Get her some leather gardening gloves, a trowel, some neat-looking pots for plants, a weeder, packets of flower or vegetable seeds, garden ornaments, planting soil, a few vegetable transplants to put in the garden, or anything you find interesting at the local nursery.

Here is a good one if your Mum likes to garden and to cook. Find some pretty flower pots and partially fill them with soil. Go to the nursery and get some herbs such as chives, parsley, sage, tarragon, basil, and rosemary and plant them in the pots covering their roots with more soil. Water well.

If you plant small enough plants, she can put them in the window of the kitchen. If they are larger, place the pots out in the garden in full sun. The herbs will actually grow better outside. 

If Mum is a great cook, she can always use kitchen gadgets, cookbooks, and recipe cards. Look for recipes she can afford to make and that are easy enough to make after a full day at work.  Recipe cards are a nice touch because people always ask for Mum’s recipes.

If she enjoys cooking, there are always new kitchen gadgets to try. Get her a spatula that is made of silicon and can take heat up to 400 degrees. Take a look around her kitchen and see what she doesn’t have and find it at your local store.

beauty gift box

What are your favourite gifts for mum?