5 Ideas On How To Throw A Modern Baby Shower

ladies at a modern baby shower

One of the most enjoyable and personal memories you can create is to entertain in your home. People who come into your home for any occasion can feel your hospitality and warmth.

With a few ideas, you can make your friend's baby shower memorable for her and your guests.

Pick a Theme and/or a Colour and let the Inspiration Flourish 

Most often, when planning a party, the occasion sets the theme, and sometimes the colour right from the start. If you know she's having a girl, begin with the colours red or pink if she's a fan of those colours.

Arrange a small table by the fireplace set for an intimate group with a red tablecloth, your special china, a few fresh flowers and candles, and the mood is set.

For fun summer themed shower, try a luau-themed outdoor dinner. Pull out all of your most colourful bowls and plates from your cupboard. Go to your favourite discount store and pick up some netting to drape on your food tables and scatter shells across the tables.

Fill big glass vases with sand and place fat pillar candles in the sand. Surround the candle with a couple of seashells, and you have clever and easy centrepieces.

Fabric shops are a wonderful source of tropical printed fabrics, and with a few yards of fabric, you can dress your table to set the exotic mood of the party.

Baby showers are a fun theme in which to entertain, and if the gender of the baby is already a known factor, you can play with this to add fun to the party atmosphere. Find out the nursery décor from the parents-to-be and plan the shower with this in mind.

baby shower decor ideas

If the baby is a girl and the nursery theme is baby animals with colours of pink and purple, then go with these colours accompanied by baby animals found in your local toy store.

For a baby boy with a blue nautical themed nursery, try decorating with sailboats and seashells accompanied with a blue tablecloth and blue napkins folded like sailboats.

Colours Can Be Fun

For showers with no theme at all, just try choosing two or three colours and see where your imagination can take you.

An elegant late evening baby shower for special friends can start with the colours of black, white, and silver. Try a black tablecloth, a silver bowl of white roses for the centrepiece, silver candlesticks with white candles, accompanied by pretty china and sterling silverware, and you have a stunning “stage” for entertaining. 

Don’t forget your dinnerware for a source of Inspiration. Your favourite china given to you by your grandmother can be an excellent starting point for your next dinner party.

The china pattern having a floral motif of a blue, pink, and yellow border can lead you to a spring décor of like flowers for your centrepiece, a Battenberg tablecloth, and your favourite candlesticks holding coloured candles. Try using pink, blue, and yellow napkins for the fun of it.

A Word on Party Favours

It’s always a nice gesture to your guests to have a small favour at each place setting. For a family shower, you could use your computer to type up bookmarks with your favourite famous gratitude quotes typed on them. Print them out and take them to the shop to have them laminated, and each place setting will reflect your thoughts on gratitude.

Another suggestion is to visit your favourite garden centre and pick up some herbs or flowers. Place them in small terra cotta pots for each place setting, and your guests can take home a living memory of your party.

Virtual Baby Showers

Baby Showers over Zoom are peak 2020 and it can be hard to plan an event when you know your guests won’t be together.

We’ve had great success with our Build Your Own Gift Box ideas. Simply send your attendees a box each, set up the activities and do them together on-screen. Come back together to eat your wares and celebrate in style.

Planning And Having Fun 

If you don’t have a theme set, go with a couple of colours when planning your next shower. Don’t be surprised if your creative juices flourish because the best parties start out with just these few steps.

The final point is to have fun. The memories you give your guests will be most cherished if everyone has a good time.

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