6 Thoughtful Thinking Of You Gift Ideas

Need some thinking of you gift ideas for family that is far away?

Here are some wonderful ideas for gift-giving that will help you feel close when you aren’t able to be together.

Spending long periods of time away from family can be difficult. Although it is fairly easy to follow a lot of the traditions of a family holiday, it is not the same without family there to enjoy it.

But there are easy thinking of you gifts that can be sent that will help both the sender and receiver feel closer.

Pre-Paid Phone Card

Falling out of touch with family is something that many of us are guilty of — especially when we feel rushed. But it is easy to create a feeling of closeness by giving the gift of gab to a family with a pre-paid phone card. If relatives are overseas, be sure the card works in the country it will be sent to, and be sure to use reputable brand cards.

Framed Photos

Relatives love to display photos of cherished family members, so why not send some cheer in the form of framed photographs to the family?

There are many different ways to display photos, so get creative. Why not try sending a photo keychain this year? Or how about a set of photo refrigerator magnets? Or even a pretty wall collage?

Photo Album

Sending the gift of a photo album is a wonderful way to show a family member that someone cared enough to take the time to assemble the album, put captions on the photos, and design something especially for him or her.

give a photo album as a thinking of you gift.jpg

If you go into any craft store, you can find a wide range of albums to purchase — cheap versus expensive, general versus themed, albums that hold many photos versus tiny albums that hold just a few photos, etc.

You can also find many decorative embellishments to purchase in the scrapbooking section, such as decorative papers, photo frames, stickers, caption labels, and much more. Get creative for a fun, meaningful album!

Curated Gift Box

Send some love in the post with a curated gift box. Choose from our selection of gifts and add items to your gift box based on the likes and preferences of the receiver?

Know someone with a sweet tooth, try a chocolate-centric box. Perhaps your loved one prefers self-care. Try sheet masks, bath salts and candles.

Teach Family Members How to Use Video Calling

Skype, Zoom and the like are easy ways for family members to keep in touch across the miles. But there are many people who are still unfamiliar with its premise.

The idea behind video calling is simple. Simply download the free software, and a person can call family members (or anyone) around the world through his or her computer. These services make keeping in touch simple and affordable.

Thinking Of You Gifts For Him

For, the technologically-inclined gift-giver, why not give the gift of a photo album on a screen?

This is essentially the function of a digital photo frame. It can hold many photos, and new photos can be uploaded to it easily, so it makes a great gift for family members wishing to see kids and grandkids as they grow up or parents living in retired bliss somewhere exotic and remote.

Sharing gifts such as the ones above can help family members feel close during the holidays despite the miles. Being able to stay close through photos and talking is very important for families, and these ideas will help the holidays be more enjoyable for everyone.