18 Luxurious Presents For Mum For Any Occasion

gift guide on presents for mum

Your mum is the one person who is always there for you, no matter what.

So when it comes to finding gifts for her, it can be hard to know where to start.

Whether you are looking for gifts for her birthday, Christmas, or just because, we have got you covered.

We have put together a list of some of the best presents for mum, including new mums, gifts for fussy mums, and more.

Occasions for Mums' Gifts

There are several life occasions where you'll be able to show your mother how much you love her with a thoughtful gift.

In this guide, you'll find:

Whatever the occasion, make sure to put a smile on your mum's face with one of these gifts.

Birthday Gifts for Mum

Celebrating another year of your mum's life is a special occasion.

Whether she is turning 30, 40, 50, or 60, show her how much you appreciate everything she does with a birthday gift that is just as unique as she is.

Birthday gifts should be fun, so here are some of the most unique and unusual presents for mum you can find: 

  • Bath Bombs - These bath bombs fizz and crackle as they are dropped into the tub and unleash a beautiful lavender aroma mum will adore.
  • Champagne Lip Balm - Champagne is made for celebrating, and so is this fun lip balm!
  • Cake + Sprinkles Chocolate Bar - This fun and yummy treat is perfect for the mum who loves chocolate.

Christmas Gifts for Mum

Christmas is a time to show your loved ones how much you care.

So, what better way to show your mum how much you appreciate her than with a heartfelt gift?

Choose a gift that helps her stay cozy and comfortable in the cold winter months.

  • Alpaca Bed Socks - These cozy bed socks are perfect for keeping your mum warm all winter long. Get them in pink or cream.
  • Winter Skincare Essentials - The cool winter air can wreak havoc on skin, so load mum up with all the things she needs to keep her skin healthy and glowing. She'll love our Bamboo Body Brush, Sea Clay Body Mask, Organic Body Scrub, and Organic Foot Balm.

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Gifts for a New Mum

Becoming a mum is one of the most amazing experiences a woman can have.

But it can also be daunting and overwhelming.

If you know someone who has just become a mum, why not show your support with a gift that will make her life that little bit easier?

  • Press Here Children's Book - This is a perfect gift for new mums with young children. The book is filled fun and interactive activities
  • The Little Book of Self Care - Mums often forget to take care of themselves. This book is a perfect reminder for new mums to slow down and relax.
  • Gold Eye Pads - Help the new mum in your life look her best, even while sleepless nights with a newborn have her feeling tired. These luxurious eye pads are made with 24k gold and hyaluronic acid to brighten the under eye area.
  • Washable Cleansing Cloths - Featuring cute animal characters and soft material, these cloths are perfect for gently cleansing baby's skin.

Gifts for an Expectant Mum

If you know someone who is expecting a baby, they are probably feeling a mixture of excitement and nerves.

Show them you are thinking of them with a gift that will help them to feel prepared for the big day.

  • Pregnancy Belly Mask - This belly mask is perfect for helping the expectant mum in your life to relax and feel pampered.
  • Magnesium Bath Soak - This soak is perfect for helping to ease aches and pains during pregnancy.
  • Love Chocolate Bar with Rose - Most pregnant mums have a sweet tooth from time to time. This special treat is as beautiful as it is delicious.

Mum's Gifts from Daughter

Daughters and mothers have a special bond like no other. Daughters, we have got you covered.

These gifts show how much you cherish the relationship you have with your mum and that you appreciate all she's done.

  • Stress + Anxiety Support Deck - Your mum can ease tense moments with this collection of prompts designed to relieve stress.
  • Copper Stemless Glass - If your mom loves wine or cocktails, she'll adore this stylish copper glass that's made to last.
  • Silk Pillowcase - Mum deserves the royal treatment, so gift her this gorgeous silk pillowcase. Not only is it beautiful, it helps keep her hair and skin looking their best.

Mum Gifts from Son

Sons and mothers also have a special bond.

If you are a son looking for a gift for your mum, here are a few lovely ideas.

  • Portable Charger + Mirror - If you want to give your mum a practical gift, this handy charger is just the ticket. This stylish accessory is both a power bank and mirror so she can stay in touch and looking great while on-the-go.
  • Black Bluetooth Speaker - Simple and sleek, this speaker connects to her devices and allows her to play her favorite songs, podcasts, and audiobooks wherever she's at.
  • Tech Wipes - These wipes are perfect for keeping her devices clean, and they come in a handy travel-sized pack so she can take them on the go.

No matter the occasion, your mum will love one of these thoughtful gifts.

So why not show her how much you care with a present that is sure to make her smile?

 All our gifs come with a handwritten note where you are free to express exactly how much she means to you.

Send your mum a gorgeous gift today!