9 Father’s Day Gifts From the Bump Ideas

man kissing his partners pregnant belly

Celebrating the first Father’s Day can be a heartwarming occasion. That’s especially true for dads-to-be.

To make their day more special, you might consider gifting them presents from their soon-to-arrive little ones. But what should you choose?

In this article, we’ll explore nine Father’s Day gifts from the bump idea. From wellness journals to other thoughtful surprises, we’ll help you make this occasion memorable!

Personalised ShopBOXD Gift Card

You can’t go wrong with gift cards. They allow you to give dads-to-be thoughtful gifts without stressing about what they like.

With ShopBOXD gift cards, you get to choose from seven values, starting from £25 up to £200. All your loved one has to do is follow the instructions delivered by email to redeem it.

The best part is that you and your little one don’t have to worry about the gift card being impersonal since you can personalise the written message.

Mind Notes Wellbeing Journal

Fatherhood is an exciting yet overwhelming journey. That’s especially true for first-timers. A 2014 study shows that many dads feel undervalued and unsupported during the first year of parenthood. Not to mention the stress that comes from not knowing what to do as a parent.

A wellness journal is a great way to help dads-to-be keep track of their well-being. It helps them establish and commit to positive goals. Combined with mindfulness meditation cards, fathers can build the habit of practising gratitude and finding purpose in parenthood!

Sneaker Cleaning Kit

Nothing helps fathers connect and form cherishable memories with their children more than bonding activities. The best part is that parents have a pool of options to choose from.

As a dad, you can take your newborn to the park, enjoy the rain together, play with bubbles, and much more! All these outdoor actions can leave the parent’s favourite kicks quite messy.

Giving fathers a sneaker cleaning kit can help them keep their shoes in tip-top shape! The former comes in a vintage tin box and contains two bottles of cleaning fluid!

What’s more, the package includes a specialised sneaker brush and a guide to help restore the shoes to their former glory!

Black Leather Cardholder

Cardholders are a staple accessory for men because who likes walking around with bulky wallets? At first glance, it may seem like a simple gift. However, this accessory adds a touch of everyday convenience for first-time dads.

card holder

With its stylish and minimalist design, ShopBOXD’s black leather cardholder can help dads-to-be keep their essentials organised. It contains two pockets to hold many cards. Not to mention, this holder fits in your pocket with ease.

Pillow Spray and Bed Socks

While parenthood brings immense joy, it also comes with a lot of sleep deprivation. Figuring out and adjusting to a newborn’s sleep schedule is no easy feat.

That’s not a temporary problem, either. In fact, new parents may not have a good night’s sleep for the first six years!

pillow spray

The good news is that some tricks can help you fall asleep quickly. Thanks to the essential oil blend of cedarwood and lavender, this pillow spray provides sedative effects.

Wearing bed socks can also help you fall asleep by regulating the body’s internal temperature. Presenting dads-to-be ShopBOXD’s navy blue bed socks is a stylish way to promote restful slumber.

navy blue socks

The Executive Box

Remote working is a preferred choice for many parents looking to balance their careers and parenthood.

The Executive box helps make this process more fun! It contains a notebook and pen to help you organise your day. Additionally, it has a brass spoon that adds a touch of luxury to your coffee breaks.

executive gift box

Packaged in an elegant keepsake box with a handwritten card, this gift offers a moment of calmness amidst a busy day, making it ideal for expectant fathers!

The Coffee Break

Getting a good night's sleep isn’t the only struggle for soon-to-be dads. Mornings can feel hectic. For that reason, fighting daytime fatigue should be your priority.

The Coffee Break box can help with that. It features premium coffee and a delicious coffee chocolate bar, helping you get that caffeine kick.

coffee gift

That helps boost your energy and increase productivity!

The box also contains a desktop notepad to keep your tasks organised. Of course, all that is delivered in a keepsake box with a handwritten card.

The Unwind Box

After a long day of parenting and work, a good night’s sleep is all that fathers need. However, with irregular sleep patterns, it can be challenging to relax at night.

The Unwind box offers a soothing solution. Inside, you’ll find collapsible cups and caffeine-free herbal tea to promote sleep.

unwind gift box

The package also features driftwood and sea salt candles.

Combined with an evening warm bath, you create a relaxing atmosphere that helps you enjoy a restful night.

The Pamper Box

In the hustle and bustle of pregnancy, self-care for fathers can seem like a luxury. However, like mothers-to-be, expectant dads deserve a bit of pampering too!

Giving them the Pamper box is a great reminder for expectant dads to prioritise their well-being.

The package includes peal-brightening and collagen-firming skincare masks for a refreshed look.

It also includes organic rose gummy bears for a sweet treat and lavender bath bombs, as well as candles for relaxation! The shea and avocado shampoo bar adds a touch of luxury to this spa routine.

Wrapping Up

When thinking about Father’s Day gifts from the bump, remember that it’s not just a simple gesture. It’s a heartfelt way to show appreciation for the incredible dads-to-be.

For those precious moments of rest, consider the pillow spray-bed socks combo or the Unwind box. If the expectant dad works remotely, the Work-From-Home box can help them stay organised. As for the Coffee Break, it provides a boost of energy to avoid fatigue during the day.

Whichever product you choose, these gifts can make the journey to fatherhood more enjoyable!