15 Branded Gift Ideas For Clients In Property

gifts for property clients in a box

Looking for the perfect branded gift to send to a client in property or real estate?

Keep reading for 15 customised tech gift ideas that would appeal to clients in property:

Portable Power Banks: Custom-branded power banks with high capacity to ensure their devices are always charged, especially useful during site visits or long days at the office.
    Smart Plugs: Branded smart plugs that can help manage office equipment and save energy, providing both convenience and cost-saving benefits.
      Bluetooth Trackers: Customised Bluetooth trackers that can help them keep track of keys, phones, or other important items, reducing the hassle of lost items.
        Wireless Chargers: Sleek, branded wireless charging pads that offer a convenient way to charge smartphones and other devices without the clutter of cables.

          USB Hub with Multiple Ports: Branded USB hubs that can expand the number of USB ports available, perfect for managers who need to connect multiple devices to their laptops.

          engraved ipad and pencil
            Smart Notebooks: Reusable smart notebooks that can sync notes to cloud services, providing an eco-friendly alternative to traditional paper notebooks.
              Noise-Canceling Bluetooth Earbuds: High-quality, branded noise-canceling earbuds that can help them stay focused in noisy environments or enjoy some relaxation during downtime. 
                Digital Assistants: Devices like the Amazon Echo Dot or Google Nest Mini branded with the company logo, offering both utility and a touch of modern tech.
                  Multi-Device Charging Stations: Elegant, branded charging stations that can charge multiple devices at once, keeping desks organized and devices powered up.
                    Virtual Meeting Kits: Branded kits that include items like a high-quality webcam, ring light, and a lapel microphone, enhancing their virtual meeting experience.
                      Customised Tech Organiser Bags: Branded bags with compartments for cables, chargers, and other tech accessories, helping them stay organised while on the go. 
                        VR Headsets: Branded virtual reality headsets that can be used for virtual property tours or just for fun, offering a modern twist to property management.

                          Smart Water Bottles: Branded water bottles with tech features like hydration tracking and reminders, promoting wellness in the workplace.

                          branded water bottles
                            Digital Business Card Holders: Sleek, branded digital business card holders that can store and share business cards digitally, reducing the need for paper cards.
                              Custom Flash Drives: High-capacity, branded USB flash drives for storing important documents and presentations, always handy for property managers.

                                These tech gifts can be personalised with your brand’s logo and message, ensuring that they not only serve a practical purpose but also keep your company and your relationship top of mind for the recipients.

                                Think of us a handy extension of your marketing team. We will work with you to create the perfect gift and ensure it's sent out on budget, on brand and on time.

                                Get in touch with our corporate team today to discuss your next gifting campaign.