5 Romantic DIY Gift Box Ideas

Looking for romantic gift box ideas?

Building your own gift box is neither hard nor expensive. The plastic on pre-wrapped presents or shrink-wrapped gift boxes often winds up in landfills.

Here are some ways to make a far more personal gift box yourself and avoid creating waste.

Sweets Gift Box

For the sweetie who lives for sweets, there are some great organic and vegan confectionary companies.

If you’re unsure what to get, a visit to a local health food store to check out what organic or fair-trade sweets are available can be a fun way to get to know the earth-friendly candy industry in your neighbourhood.

Buy a funny or romantic re-usable mug, and fill it with treats. Wrap the lot in a cloth handkerchief.

Do-It-Yourself Chocolate Truffles

It’s a little known secret that making chocolate truffles is neither expensive nor difficult to do yourself. The more time-consuming part of the recipe involves hand-rolling each truffle, but it’s easy, looks expensive, and tastes decadent.

DIY chocolate truffles

Pack in a gift box with paper petit-four wrappers, and you have a polished but personal gift that makes you look like an expert chocolatier.

They can be flavoured with any topping you desire. Traditionally, cocoa is used for that earthy resemblance to its namesake, or they can be rolled in cinnamon for a spicier finish. Consider crushed nuts or a variety of toppings for a range of flavours in your gift.

Wellbeing Gift Box

Another great idea is to buy some all-natural bath salts or a brand of earth-friendly bubble bath, and pair it with a bath tray: usually, a stainless steel tray that fits across the width of the tub. It allows tub-readers to place a book, a glass of wine, a candle or various sponges on it.

run a romantic bubble bath

Present the tray with a book, a bottle of wine, two glasses and two candles, and the bath product of choice, then join your partner for a candle-lit bath for two.

(Make sure your candles are nowhere near towels or the shower curtain for fire-hazard reasons, and if you have a portable stereo playing some classical music, keep it as far from the tub as possible.)

An 'Evening In' Gift Box

One hard-core romantic I know made a puzzle out of a copy of a cherished photograph of the couple. He took the picture to the photo-developing department at his local supermarket where they made the puzzle to order for his game-loving partner.

Try pairing the gift with some wine and a romantic card, and suggest that the two of you stay indoors for the night and complete the puzzle.

There are various photo finishing shops that may offer this option; if puzzles are not an object of interest, try making a personalised mug or a calendar using photographs; services which are now offered in most larger supermarkets.

DIY Photo Calendar

Most word-processing programs offer do-it-yourself calendar options. You can take personal pictures and use Microsoft Word to make a calendar as playful, as romantic, or as naughty as you like. (Printing off the pages at home may also prevent some embarrassment in a public print shop.)

While you can mark the traditional holidays off, making your own calendar has the advantage of creating nonsense holidays or highlighting personal cornerstones. “Anniversary of The Day We Met” or “My Partner’s Birthday” may be a great way to show you care.

Pair the calendar with some colourful pens, and start marking in your travel plans together.