Yay - a new baby has come into the world!

Send this box to wish the new parents a baby that likes to sleep. The organic balm is a delicate oil blend of calendula, olive and avocado to comfort, nourish and protect the most sensitive of skins. 

The organic bath salts will help mum to relax when she finally gets a few minutes to herself!

New parents are forever washing their hands so we've included a nourishing hand cream to help soothe dry skin. Baby book Guess How Much I Love You is a much-loved classic that should be on every child's bookshelf.

Looking for a baby shower gift? Take this!


  • Organic Baby Balm
  • Guess How Much I Love You Board Book
  • Raspberry Hand Cream
  • Organic Bath Salts
  • Organic Chocolate Bar
  • Keepsake Box + Handwritten Card
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