3 Handmade Simple Gifts To Give A Loved One

The economy is still in bad shape, but that doesn’t mean we should stop giving each other gifts. Hand-made gifts often are the best ones.

With the economic recession affecting all industries, couples across the world have had to come up with innovative ways to give their romantic partners gifts without spending much money or any money at all.

One cannot go wrong with something from the heart.

Sometimes it isn’t a high-tech computer or expensive jewellery that makes your partner happy. The simplest gifts are often the most poignant; presents the recipient will never forget. 

Here are three simple gift ideas lovers should at least consider before putting a big charge to the credit card.

How to Write a Song

Now, it may seem like this is a difficult project, but it can be a very simple process. A song doesn’t have to have a certain length or even structure. All that matters is the lyrics. Stray away from the generic lyrics; instead, reference specific moments or inside jokes. Romantic partners should talk about the first time they had feelings or an unforgettable funny story.

If your partner sees there was a lot of effort put into the lyrics, they will love it, and if there is singing involved, even better. Even the worst voice sounds endearing when a person releases his or her inhibitions and is not ashamed to be a little embarrassed in front of his or her partner.

How to Draw a Picture

First of all, a drawing does not have to be in colour.

Secondly, it does not have to be life-like. Just like the song, it is not the quality of the drawing that matters. It is the effort and meaning of the drawing that will matter. 

When picking out what to draw, use the same reasoning to come up with lyrics as a means of gaining inspiration. Think of a picture that conveys a special moment or a picture that represents the nature of the relationship.

It could be a goofy picture of a girl beating up a boy. It could be a more serious setting. It all depends on the relationship. One simple caption or sentence on the photo caps off a very special gift.

How to Make a Scrapbook

Now, this is the only activity that may require more than just a pen and paper. Any store with arts and crafts should have the necessary material to make a scrapbook.

make a romantic scrapbook

If it gets too complicated, just assemble a few sheets of white paper together and punch holes in them. Pipe cleaners can be used to bind it together, and pipe cleaners are sold for £3 or less.

But what to put in the scrapbook?

Don’t underestimate the power of a still photo. Many scrapbooks are made up of just photos with designs around them. Pick a theme, and then it will be easy to figure out which photos to choose.

The theme could be, once again, something very simple. The most common theme is just a progression of photos from the beginning of the relationship to the present. Maybe there was a date or trip that had photos and other mementos that could be attached to the scrapbook. It doesn’t have to have a bunch of glitter and colours to be a quality scrapbook.

Each photo just needs a short paragraph that makes your partner happy by bringing back emotions felt when he or she was in the photos. In other words, use nostalgia to make your partner happy.

Relationship Tips

Sometimes hand-made gifts keep the relationship alive for a longer period of time.

Writing a song, drawing a picture, and scrapbooks show the other romantic partner that the relationship is not based on material possessions; instead, it is based on the moments and feelings together. 

One doesn’t have to be Frank Sinatra or Vincent Van Gogh, but a relationship requires effort.

And for the most part, showing effort is free.