5 Pregnancy Gifts For Mums To Be

It is one of the most exciting moments of her life, and the expectant mother deserves the best pampering. But have you run out of ideas on the best pregnancy gifts to give?

There always seems to be a baby shower to attend, and yes, the expectant mum deserves being showered with gifts.

It is one of the most exciting moments of her life, and the mother-to-be deserves the best pampering she can get. But more often than not, pregnancy gift ideas are hard to find. 

Keep reading for five perfect gift ideas for a pregnant woman:

A Bouncing Ball for the Pregnant Lady

The expectant mother, as the months in her pregnancy go by, might have trouble sitting down and getting up. She needs a comfortable space to relax and not something like a sofa, which will sink her in the seat with her weight and make it tougher for her to get up.

A bouncing ball is a perfect gift for mums. The large bouncing ball, because of its firm structure, is easy to sit on and easy to get up from as well. Gently rocking on it can be good for the expectant mother, close to her date of delivery, since doctors encourage a bit of exercise.

The best part about the large bouncing ball is that it can be used for toning exercises after your pregnant friend has delivered her beautiful baby. 

Attractive Maternity Clothes

Most women love clothes but as her size keeps changing, pregnant women often do not invest enough in attractive maternity clothes as they would like to. This is where friends come into play – shower pregnant girlfriends with beautiful maternity clothes. 

Pregnancy Gift Box

Regular cosmetics with artificial ingredients and synthetic chemicals are harmful to the skin and health of an individual in the long-run.

Mummies-to-be need to be even more careful of their health, and natural cosmetics are the answer. Try organic lip balms and skin balms to help avoid stretch marks.

Pampering products always work, sheet masks, vegan nail polish or bath salts. A skin balm can help with stretching, itchy skin while some relaxing tea can help with the restlessness and the lack of a good night's sleep an expectant mother experiences.

A Food Gift Box of Her Favourite Items

Indulge her with her favourite food – pregnant women are busy running to the appointments at doctors and preparing for a new member of the family; spending hours in the kitchen heat just adds more stress.

One of the best gifts to give an expectant mother is a moment to relax, and if she gets home-cooked food displayed nicely in a basket or on a tray, it should definitely make her day.

The gift box of food can include healthy juices like orange and cranberry or the expectant mothers’ favourite biscuits, fruits, chocolate and sweets that she might be craving. 

A Beautiful Bouquet

Most of us love receiving flowers, and mum-to-be might love an innovative bouquet more than a flower one.

Put together soft toys, socks, baby clothes, and be sure to include some stuff for mum as well, for example, pretty scarves, a soft pair of socks, or a bottle of bath milk wrapped in cloth.

Wrap these in a way that they look like a flower bouquet. This creative way of presenting gifts will be sure to please any expectant mother.

Pregnancy is the time for a woman to enjoy for herself solely. Pregnancy gifts should, therefore, be about the expectant mother rather than the baby.

Baby gifts can be given once the baby arrives.

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